They say that one can’t outrun the long arm of the law, but at 7ft 6 inches, Jagdeep Singh from Punjab has both long arms & legs of the law. And hence, it should come to no one’s surprise that Jagdeep chose to be a police officer and is now the tallest cop in the world.

With his towering height and intimidating looks, Jagdeep even overshadows Dalip Singh aka The Great Khali. But one should know that this turban wearing gentleman works for the better of society as a traffic police and can surely be called a gentle giant.


So, if you want to click a selfie with the world’s tallest police officer, you better bring a chair to stand on. And if you want to create nuisance around him, you best be on your best behaviour, because Jagdeep’s giant frame and head above most people helps him spot any nuisance around him and the uniform he wears lets him punish those people legally.

Prior to Jagdeep, the record for the world’s tallest cop was held by another Indian man named Rajesh Kumar. Hailing from Haryana, Rajesh stands at a mighty 7ft 4 in and has served in Haryana police for decades. Our readers should also note that noted WWE wrestler Dalip Singh Rana aka The Great Khali, stands at 7ft 1in tall, and was also inducted in the Punjab police force after he was caught by the eyes of the Punjab police.

Jagdeep Singh has served in the police for almost 20 years and unlike most people who’d be conscious about their extraordinary height, he has started accepting being the center of attention and is now proud of being the tallest cop in the nation.

“I am proud of being the tallest cop in India. I’m 7ft. 6 in tall, I weigh around 418 pounds and I feel happy about it”

-said Jagdeep.



Challenges faced by the tallest cop in the world

Although Jagdeep is proud of being the tallest cop in the country and probably the world, throughout his life he has faced several trivial and humongous difficulties in his everyday routine. This involves not being able to find and buy clothes his size, not able to use a washroom for ‘normal’ sized people, avoiding hitting his turban every time he walks through an average sized door and more.

Due to his tall frame, Singh finds difficulty to get the police uniform his size and has to get a personal tailor for the job. Further, no average or even large sized shoes fits this Punjab based giant and he has to import shoes of size 19 from other countries. He also is unable to get into a local bus or a cab as they are too small to him. For air travels, Jagdeep has to buy tickets in business class as economy class flights are too compact for him.

Jagdeep Singh shaking hand

Jagdeep also faced a lot of other personal challenges while growing up. Ever since a boy he overshadowed everyone around him. According to his mother Mrs. Gurshinder Kaur, he was laughed upon by other children for his height. But despite being laughed at and made fun of, Mrs. Kaur said how he never argued with them.

jagdeep singh policeman

Social media was another place where Jagdeep was made fun of what made him unique. Almost every person who has used social media knows how toxic these platforms can get, and thus, it should not come to anybody’s surprise that Jagdeep’s extraordinary height made him a fodder for trolls. While uploading a picture there were people who called him a monster or an alien.

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“I focus on my job and making people happy”: Tallest cop shares his secret

But Jagdeep in his interview said-

“I don’t mind people calling me names; it doesn’t make me sad. I focus on my job and making people happy. I never felt uncomfortable due to my height. This is a gift from God and I am enjoying it. I won’t be ashamed of my height.”

Another aspect this gentle giant faced a lot of challenges was finding a suitable partner. Jagdeep said how he wasn’t able to find the girl of his height and that people considered him too tall and women were unwilling to marry him.

jagdeep singh policeman pic

But Sukhbir Kaur proved that there’s someone for everyone. 5ft 11 in tall Sukhbir Kaur readily married him and said how she felt ‘proud’ to have married the tallest man in Punjab. “Wherever I go with him, we get celebrity-like respect”, she said in an interview to Daily Mail.


The story of Jagdeep proves that with the virtue of acceptance and efforts one can truly achieve great heights in their life despite the bad cards they are dealt with.

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