In a hilarious incident reported from Tamil Nadu, groom’s friend at the wedding made the bride sign a contract allowing him to play cricket every weekend! The groom, a professor, is also the captain of a cricket team called “SuperStar Cricket team”.

Knowing fully well that marriages change dynamics of both bride and groom, the players of the SuperStar team decided to not take a risk and only allowed the couple to get married if the contract was signed by the bride.

According to reports, the groom in question Hariprasad, got married to his bride Pooja earlier on Sunday last week. While all was finalized and agreed upon, there was only one caveat – Hariprasad’s friends wanted him to be available for playing cricket on every weekend. They wanted him so bad that they got a contract made and had the bride sign it before the wedding.

Getting a Rs 20 stamp paper, the friends got a formal note typed out which read – “I, Pooja, hereby allow Hariprasad to play cricket on Saturday and Sunday for the SuperStar Cricket team.” Pooja, who was mostly amused at the strange contract, was seen smiling and laughing at the request

Earlier in July, a similar incident was reported from Guwahati where a couple signed a “only one pizza a month” contract.

The Facts of the Matter

Weddings between consensual adults generally come with some unwritten and unsaid dos and donts. However, the recent “contract” signed by an Indian bride at her wedding has been making buzz on social media for its quirky request. Pooja, from Tamil Nadu’s Theni signed a contract that allows her groom, who’s also a captain of a cricket team, play cricket every week on Saturdays and Sundays.

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When Hariprasad Weds Pooja

T Hariprasad from Kijapudur area of Madurai district was scheduled to tie the knot with Pooja earlier on Friday. On the special day, the couple and the wedding attendees were gathered together at their Usilampatti-based wedding venue.

The wedding attendees were excitedly looking at the couple who were radiating in their wedding outfits. Before the wedding commenced, the wedding was gatecrashed by a few men. For a few seconds, the air was thick with tension, however that was all to change.

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Wedding Venue Filled with Laughter & Applause

Soon the wedding venue was filled with the sound of laughter and applause, as the men, who were the groom’s friends, pulled out a contract and put it in front of Pooja. The groom’s friends were also the teammates of the cricket team he led called “SuperStar Cricket Team”.

Aware of the fact that a wedding changes priorities of both the husband and wife, the teammates decided not to take a risk and have a contract written down. The contract, which was put on a Rs 20 stamp paper, read – “I, Pooja, will hereby allow my husband and captain of the Super Star team to play cricket for the team on all Saturdays and Sundays”.

Bride Signs the Contract Happily

Pooja, who was initially obviously caught off guard at the sudden entrance of the men with contract, decided to be sporting about the whole thing. In visuals making rounds of social media, she is seen looking at the groom’s friends in an amused way and laughing as she’s made to sign the contract.

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“We didn’t want to lose our friend”: Groom’s Teammate

Azhaguraja, one of the teammates of the cricket team, was quoted in a TOI report saying, “After getting married, generally families don’t allow time for recreational activities like playing cricket. We didn’t want to lose our friend and captain from the team. So we came up with this idea of drawing up an agreement for the bride to sign.”


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