In a shocking incident, a Tamil Nadu-based man lost his tongue to a snake after an astrologer told him to do a puja to alleviate his nightmares. What makes the tragically ironic, is that the man had been having nightmares of a snake biting him. Little did he know, he would go out of his way to make his dream come true.

The incident was reported from Gobichettipalayam, Erode district in Tamil Nadu and the man who ended up losing his tongue was identified as 54-year-old Ramu (name changed). As per a TOI report, Ramu had been dealing with nightmares involving snakes biting him.

Frustrated with the nightmares, he visited a astrologer, who gave him the sage advice of doing a ‘puja’ and then showing his tongue to a snake. The bizarre advice should’ve caused Ramu to think twice. However, he did the puja as per the instructions, and even showed his tongue in front of the astrologer’s snake.

The snake did what snakes do – it bit Ramu’s tongue, who was later rushed to a nearby hospital where his tongue had to be amputated. Dr Senthil Kumaran, Erode Manian Medical Centre, spoke to TOI and said, “We have to struggle for four days to save Raja’s life even after amputating his tongue”.

The Facts of the Matter

On internet, Darwin Awards is a popular phrase to use where a person goes out of their way to get out of the gene pool by either dying, or becoming incapacitated in some manner by their own foolish actions.

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Tamil Nadu Man for Darwin Awards

A Tamil Nadu man can be nominated for the Darwin Awards, after he ended up showing his tongue to a poisonous viper on the advice of his astrologer. The incident was reported from Erode district’s Gobichettipalayam in Tamil Nadu, and the man who ended up losing his tongue is 54-year-old Ramu (name changed).

Ramu Struggled with Snakebite Related Dreams

It so happened that Ramu had been struggling with nightmares where he was being bitten by snakes. Instead of looking inward and trying to contemplate whether he is suffering from anxiety, Ramu chose to go to an astrologer.

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Astrologer’s Bizarre Advice

The astrologer in question gave him an advice, that should’ve alarmed Ramu in the first place. To alleviate the nightmares related to snake bites, Ramu must do a ‘puja’ to a snake. Ramu agreed to the advice, and the astrologer took him to a snake’s resting place in a temple.

Dreams Do Turn True

As if a ‘snake puja’ was not enough, the temple priest asked Ramu to show the snake his tongue, which would have added more “sanctity” to the advice given by the astrologer, TOI reported. Still not alarmed at the advices he was being given, Ramu simply did as he was instructed to. He showed a viper his tongue, who simply bit his tongue and slithered away.

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A Tongue for a Nightmare

Raju collapsed on the floor, and was later rushed to a nearby hospital with the help of his family. Dr Senthil Kumaran, chief doctor of Erode Manian Medical Centre, said that Ramu was rushed to the hospital on November 18 with heavy mouth bleeding.

The poison of the venemous snake had affected the tissues on Ramu’s tongue. To save him, the doctors had to amputate Ramu’s tongue. It was an uphill battle from there on, as the doctor was quoted saying, “We have to struggle for four days to save Raja’s life even after amputating his tongue”.


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