In Tamil Nadu, parents were caught on camera chasing and thrashing a teacher for allegedly abusing and beating up their children. The incident was reported from Keezhanambipuram near Ettayapuram and the teacher who received beating of the parents was identified as Bharath.

It was a typical Monday morning at a government-aided school in the Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu. R Bharath, a teacher in charge of a class of second graders, was busy with his daily routine of trying to get the students to pay attention and focus on their studies.

The incident began when a student in Bharat’s class, a young boy, started misbehaving and disrupting the class. Bharath asked the child to change seats, hoping that a change in environment might help him settle down and focus. However, things didn’t go as planned.

Later that day, the boy’s parents and grandfather went to the school, demanding an explanation for the alleged beating. Bharath denied any wrongdoing, but the situation quickly escalated, with the parents and grandfather becoming increasingly agitated and aggressive.

A three-minute video captured the entire incident. In the footage, the parents can be seen barging into the classroom, yelling and screaming at Bharat. The father, Sivalingam, takes things even further, attempting to attack Bharath with a brick.

The Facts of the Matter

On Tuesday, the police in Ettayapuram arrested three individuals who were involved in attacking a teacher at an aided school in Keezhanambipuram, near Ettayapuram. The accused were identified as the parents and grandfather of a student who claimed that the teacher had beaten him up the day before.

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Teacher Scolds 7-Year-Old Boy for Not Paying Attention

The teacher, R Bharath, had reportedly scolded the seven-year-old boy, who was not paying attention in class. The boy then complained to his grandfather, Muniasamy, who went to the school with the boy’s parents, Sivalingam and Selvi, demanding an explanation.

Despite attempts by the teacher and the headmistress, Guruvammal, to reason with the parents and grandparents, Sivalingam started assaulting the teacher, with the entire incident caught on camera.

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What Does the Video Show?

In a three-minute video recorded by another teacher, the couple can be seen forcefully entering the classroom and arguing with the teacher for allegedly beating their child.

In the video, Selvi is heard saying that it is illegal to beat a child, while Sivalingam starts chasing the teacher around the school and beats him up. He even attempts to throw a small object, which appears to be a brick or a stone, at the teacher.

The entire ordeal took place in front of other children who looked on in horror. Another teacher is heard screaming for help as the couple continued to assault Bharath.

Watch Video here

Accused Arrested, Investigation On

The police have charged the accused with assault, criminal intimidation, conspiracy, and obstruction of a government employee in the performance of their duties. The Superintendent of Police, Dr L Balaji Saravanan, has confirmed that an investigation is currently underway.

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Teachers’ Association Enraged Over Assault

Meanwhile, in the immediate aftermath of the attack on Bharath, the teacher’s association has demanded a more mindful implementation of Teachers Protection Act.

S Mayil, the state general secretary of the Tamil Nadu Primary Teachers Federation, has strongly condemned the barbaric attack on Bharath.

Mayil acknowledged that parents have the right to file complaints against teachers who resort to physical punishment, he stressed that assaulting a teacher is highly unacceptable.


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