In a baffling incident reported from Tamil Nadu, two thieves broke into a liquor store and got drunk in the premises of the store itself, only to be later caught red handed by the police. Video of the incident going viral on social media shows the accused men being told to crawl out of the hole they dug to get inside the store. The two thieves, in an inebriated state make their way out of the store.

According to reports, the incident was reported from Tamil Nadu’s Kavaraipettai in Thiruvallur where the two thieves decided to break into the state-run TASMAC shop to steal booze. However, their plan was foiled as a cop out on patrol saw their bicycle parked outside the shop.

Reportedly, the accused had dug a hole to get in the store through its side wall. While their plan was simple enough, the two were quick to jump the gun and decided to celebrate the successful robbery in the store itself.

The duo enjoyed a few pegs of the alcohol in the store and before they could flee, were caught by the police. The police were able to recover Rs 14,000 in cash from the accused and a bag of liquor bottles. The accused were arrested for theft.

The Facts of the Matter

On the spectrum of robbers, there are two kinds. On one extreme, there are robbers and thieves who are meticulous in their planning, and throw cops and law-enforcement into tizzy. On the other extreme, are thieves who are simply too vain for their own good. They foil their own plan by being impulsive and impatient.

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Meet The Drinking Enthusiasts

Two thieves, belonging to the latter category, were recently arrested for stealing liquor bottles from Tamil Nadu’s TASMAC store. Shockingly enough, the thieves had decided to pop open the bottle in the store premise, and had gotten drunk before they were caught.

The two accused, Satheesh from Pallikaranai and Muniyan from Villupuram, had broken into the TASMAC shop in Kavaraipettai, Thiruvallur in Tamil Nadu earlier on Saturday. The duo had gotten inside the store by digging a hole in the side wall.

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Accused Pop Open a Cold One in Store They Robbed

While most robbers would’ve simply stolen the liquor and any cash they may get their hands on, Satheesh and Muniyan had different plans. They decided to savor the moment and had a few pegs of alcohol in the store premises.

Meanwhile, a policeman on patrol saw a bicycle parked outside the liquor store and decided to check whether all was well. To his surprise, he saw the two accused boozing in the store. The cop called for back-up and soon the accused were arrested.

Cop Takes Video of Drunk Robbers

Further, the cop also pulled his phone out and took video of the entire ordeal. In the video, the police man can be seen telling the man to crawl outside the hole. Further, the accused were inebriated to a point that the cops had to help them to come out of the hole.

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Rs 14,000 Recovered, Case of Theft Registered

To investigate the matter fully, the police went inside the store, using its front door, not the hole that the thieves had dug. They recovered Rs 14,000 from the accused and found a bag filled with liquor bottles. A case of theft was registered against Satheesh and Muniyan.


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