In Tamil Nadu, thieves posing as officials stole an entire mobile phone tower and sold the scraps for Rs 6.5 lakhs. The development comes just months after burglars posing as irrigation officers stole an entire 60 ft, 500 tonne bridge in Bihar.

The matter comes to the fore after the Tamil Nadu police arrested 3 members of the gang who stole the mobile tower in Salem district’s Vazhapadi area.

According to police inspector Uma Shankar from Vazhapadi, the gang posed as officials of private mobile company. They showed some fake documents to the person who was maintaining the farm over which the tower was built, and dismantled the tower earlier in July.

It was only when employees of the private company, which responsible for the maintenance of tower, took heed of the tower’s absence, and filed a complaint.

According to an Indian Express report, the gang showed the documents to the person who was maintaining the farm, and made sure the tower was dismantled in less than 48 hours. They used a truck to transport the scrap.

The gang had been working about their heist for around a month and had been planning on how to execute the plan without raising any alarm.

Earlier in 2020, an entire bus stop was reported to be stolen in Pune!

The Facts of the Matter

When the news of some thieves posing as irrigation officers, and stealing an entire 60 ft bridge in Bihar broke, many thought that nothing could come close to the audacity shown by the burglars. However, a gang of thieves in Tamil Nadu decided to give Bihar burglars a run for their money. This gang reportedly stole an entire mobile phone tower, and sold it for Rs 6.5 lakhs.

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Tower was Set Up by Aircel

According to reports, the tower had been set up on a farm over a decade ago by private telecommunication player Aircel. The company had been paying a rent to the farm owner Subramanian till 2017. After that, another private player GTL took control of the tower, and kept paying a rent to Subramanian till 2019.

Gang of Thieves Posed as Officials, Showed Fake Docs

In July, a gang of conniving thieves posed as officials of private telecom company, and showed Subramanium some fake documents. The documents mentioned that the gang had been permitted to dismantle the tower.

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Gang had Worked for a Month to Plan

The gang of thieves took less than 48 hours to completely dismantle the tower and took it away in a transportation truck. An Indian Express report quoted inspector Uma Shankar saying, “This gang had worked for close to a month to plan the theft. They zeroed in on the tower which is not currently in use and hired local people to help them identify their potential targets.”

In July, staff of GTL visited the site and shocked to see that the mobile tower was dismantled. Initially, the staff and locals tried to catch the accused on their own. After unsuccessful attempts, they filed a complaint with the police.

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3 Accused Arrested, 4 Still On Run

On August 27, the police arrested 3 members of the gang, and are on the lookout for four other accused. The arrested accused have been identified as K Nagamuthu, A Shanmugam, and S Rakesh Sharma. The gang was reportedly headed by an ex-Aircel employee.


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