Another day, another incident, another case has been filed. But this time, it is too sinister, too ghastly, and bloodcurdling.

On 19th February, in a brutal attack, a doctor killed his wife by strangling her and ran her over with a car. This murder happened at Madurantakam in Chengalpattu district of Tamil Nadu.

35-year-old Dr. Gokulkumar, who was employed in SRM Medical College and Hospitals, quit his job during the COVID-19 epidemic. 

According to Madurantakam police, almost around the same time, close to six months ago, after three years of marriage, his 32 years old wife ‘Keerthana’ left him too as he constantly suspected her loyalty.

On 19th February, Gokulkumar went to his wife’s place at Madurantakam. Initially there were just conversations and with the conversation, violence also began.

Gokulkumar allegedly stabbed Keerthana’s neck causing heavy bleeding. Hearing her screams, her parents came to help her, but were also attacked by Gokulkumar, police said.

The investigation officer quoted- “They had problems as far as understanding went in their relationship, and the victim came back to her parents’ house. The accused meanwhile was unemployed. Keerthana fell unconscious after her throat was slit and her husband dragged her body out to the street. He then got into his car and ran over her”.

He also added- “She would have died either way from the neck injury because it was really deep. He still ran over her”. 

While the victim’s parents, Murari and Kumari, took her to Chengalpattu Government Hospital. While Gokulkumar fled in his vehicle. Keerthana was declared dead at the hospital by doctors.

However, while trying to escape, the accused hit a median near the Achirapakkam toll plaza. The vehicle trapped him from behind. He was rescued by the police and during interrogation, it was found that he had killed his wife.

A case has been registered for both murder and assault on the accused.

These kinds of cases shake the nation from the core. But the question remains the same. Is a female safe in this society?