Twitter was set ablaze at a viral claim of a Taylor Swift fan, who put up used contact lenses to be sold. What was so bizarre about the claim? The fan claimed that the contact lenses were used, and were worn to view the mighty popular ‘Eras Tour’, and put it on sale.

It all started when an avid Taylor Swift fan decided to take their devotion to a whole new level. This zealous Swiftie thought it fitting to sell a pair of contact lenses that had apparently “seen Taylor Swift’s Eras tour.”

Yes, you read that right! pair of dried-up, clearly unusable contact lenses that somehow managed to bear witness to the musical spectacle that is Taylor Swift’s concert extravaganza. This brazen fan took to the digital marketplace Depop to peddle their prized possession. And how much were they asking for these seemingly worthless ocular relics, you may ask? Only for the exorbitant price tag of $10,000 Rs 8 lakhs!

As news of this outrageous listing spread like wildfire across the internet, fans and onlookers alike were quick to share their thoughts. Twitter became a battleground of opinions, with some expressing their utter disgust, deeming the whole endeavor “disgusting,” “weird,” and downright “embarrassing”.

Amid all the virtual debate, the fan in question announced that the listing was nothing but a joke!

The Facts of the Matter

In a jaw-dropping display of fandom devotion, a die-hard Taylor Swift fan sent shockwaves through the online community by listing a pair of her purportedly “tour-worn” contact lenses for an astronomical price tag of $10,000 (or a shocking Rs 8 lakhs).

The seller, who probably had more enthusiasm than sense, brazenly posted the shriveled and utterly unusable lenses on the clothing e-commerce platform, Depop.

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“Used” Lenses in “Excellent Condition”

These extraordinary ocular artifacts, which allegedly witnessed Taylor Swift’s illustrious “Eras” tour, were described as both “used” and, bafflingly, “in excellent condition.” As news of this bizarre listing spread like wildfire across Twitter, fans and onlookers couldn’t help but react with a mixture of disgust, bewilderment, and outright embarrassment.

“Celebrity Worship Gone Too Far”

One bewildered fan exclaimed, “Celebrity worship gone too far!” while another cunningly quipped, “Started from the bottom, now we’re a little bit below the bottom somehow.” The fandom’s unbridled obsession with the singer-songwriter had seemingly reached unprecedented heights, leaving many scratching their heads in disbelief.

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“It was a joke”: User Pulls Down Listing

As the uproar grew, the seller eventually pulled the listing down, promptly clarifying on her profile page, “LMAO IT WAS A JOKE.” While Swifties heaved a collective sigh of relief, it was undeniable that this incident had pushed the boundaries of fandom to new, eye-popping limits, no pun intended.

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RDJ’s Used Chewing Gum on Auction

In an unrelated incident earlier this March, another mind-boggling case of celebrity devotion emerged. An eBay seller claimed to possess a chewed gum from none other than the beloved actor Robert Downey Jr. The audacious listing even boasted the gum’s potential to be “tested for the actor’s DNA.” Allegedly, Downey had playfully pasted the gum onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame star belonging to Jon Favreau during a recent event.

Seeking to cash in on this peculiar moment, the eBay user set the starting bid for the chewed gum at a jaw-dropping $40,484.35.

As we navigate the ever-peculiar world of celebrity culture, it’s important to remember that sometimes, the line between passion and madness can be as thin as a strand of DNA or a dried-up contact lens.


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