Bryan Johnson, a tech millionaire, is making buzz on the street for going to lengths to have a body of an 18-year-old. 45-year-old Johnson is reportedly spending as much as $2 million a year, to simply swap his blood with his father and son, in his anti-aging crusade, aiming to have a body of an 18-year-old.

In a jaw-dropping tale that seems plucked from the pages of science fiction, Bryan Johnson, a tech tycoon fixated on the elusive elixir of youth, has embarked on a bewildering journey of self-preservation.

Johnson has roped in his own flesh and blood, his teenage son, Talmage, to play the role of his personal “blood boy.” This startling revelation, brought to light by Bloomberg. And in his journey for youth, he has also roped in his father.

The three generations of Johnson men recently embarked on a peculiar and seemingly macabre blood-swapping treatment at a clinic nestled near Dallas.

Traditionally, Johnson would receive plasma from an anonymous benefactor, ensuring a steady influx of youth-infused vitality. However, this time, a single liter of young blood coursed through Talmage’s veins, ready to serve as the vital lifeline for his father’s audacious aspirations.

The idea of utilizing plasma as an anti-aging technique gained widespread attention when scientists stitched together the circulatory systems of young and old mice.

The Facts of the Matter

In a surprising twist that has sparked both curiosity and concern, Bryan Johnson, a 45-year-old software developer fixated on defying the aging process, has enlisted an unexpected ally in his pursuit of eternal youth: his own teenage son, Talmage.

The scene unfolds in a discreet clinic near Dallas, where three generations of Johnson men gather for a peculiar ritual that defies traditional norms.

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Three Generations Bound by a Quest

Bryan, Talmage, and the family patriarch, 70-year-old Richard, partake in a solemn blood-swapping treatment. It is a surreal story, straight from a science fiction book, wherein a father’s insatiable desire to turn back the hands of time intersects with his son’s obliging role as a “blood boy.

Typically, Johnson would receive plasma from anonymous donors, carefully selected for their optimal body mass index and healthy lifestyles. However, in this extraordinary instance, Talmage steps up as the donor, offering a liter of his own blood.

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The Audacious Pursuit

With a team of thirty medical experts and regenerative health professionals overseeing his ambitious regimen, Johnson leaves no stone unturned in his tireless quest. So much so that a sum of a whopping $2 million is spent every year, just in a bid for Bryan to turn back time.

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A Glimpse into Johnson’s World

Let us also peek into Bryan’s routine, which unfolds with military precision. Two dozen supplements kick-start his morning, rigorous exercise follows, and a low-calorie vegan diet becomes his culinary compass.

Even the simple act of toothbrushing assumes a calculated significance, guided by tea-tree oil and antioxidant gel.

Bryan attained unimaginable riches by selling his payment processing company, Braintree Payment Solutions, to eBay for a jaw-dropping $800 million in cash. With the financial means to indulge his wildest ambitions, he set forth on a personal crusade against the relentless march of time.


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