A 17-year-old daughter, who was sexually assaulted by her father, murdered him on Sunday midnight, with the help of her boyfriend and three other friends. This incident has taken place in Bengaluru and has been a shocking revelation for the locals. The girl and the four boys, who are accused of the murder are in custody of the Yelahanka New Town police.

Background Details of the Incident

The butchered, allegedly, has been assaulting his elder daughter for a long time now. The 45-year-old father, Deepak, who worked as a security guard at the GKVK campus in Karnataka, hails from Bihar and has a wife there as well. In Karnataka, he married another woman with whom he had two daughters- one being a 17-year-old college student and the other being a 11-year old schoolgoer.

As per the statements of the elder daughter, Deepak used to sexually abuse her quite often. After she told her mother about the incidents, the two had a fight about it as well.

Allegedly, the father assaulted the 17-year-old even on the day of his murder.

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The Arranged Murder

Apparently, the girl discussed her situation with her boyfriend and with the help of his three friends, who are in the same class as her, planned the murder of this man.

In the early hours of Monday, around 12:30 am the assailants knocked at the door in the absence of the mother. The elder daughter opened the door and the four minors went in to murder the father. After they left the spot, the younger daughter was awakened by her elder sister and both in their shocked state asked the neighbors for help.

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The Aftermath and The Police Investigation

When the Police arrived, Deepak was found lying on the floor with blood all around. As the police officials were collecting statements, the elder daughter was being inconsistent with her words and later, on being questioned closely revealed the entire truth.

Police took the four accused into custody and uncovered the murder weapons.

As for the allegation of the sexual assault made by the daughter, the mother has corroborated the statement.

The minors will be produced before the Juvenile Justice Court for further proceedings.