In an incident of gross-medical negligence, a Telangana doctor applied ‘Fevi Kwick’ on a 7-year-old boy’s injury, instead of applying stitches on the head for an injury. The boy, identified as Praveen, reportedly fell and injured his eye and head while playing at a wedding ceremony. The incident was reported from Rainbow Hospital at Ieeja municipality in JogulambaGadwal district, and occurred earlier on Friday.

As per the boy’s father, Vamsi Krishna, he and his family had come to Ieeja with the 7-year-old boy, to attend a relative’s wedding that was scheduled to take place on Friday. As the wedding festivities were in full swing, Praveen found himself in a dire situation, sustaining a head and eye injury during his play time with other children.

The family rushed him to a nearby hospital in Telangana, where a qualified MBBS doctor, Dr. Nagarjuna, treated his wound with adhesive ‘Fevi Kwick’ instead of stitching it.

Praveen’s pain only intensified, and his parents discovered the botched treatment upon consulting another doctor. Outraged, they filed a police complaint against Dr. Nagarjuna, and a viral video of the incident revealed the heated confrontation.

Dr. Nagarjuna claimed the power outage in the hospital caused the mishap, but the angry parents questioned his lack of common sense. An investigation is now underway, and outraged locals demand justice for Praveen and his family.

The Facts of the Matter

Have you ever heard of medical malpractice so egregious that it leaves you questioning the sanity of the doctor involved? Well, brace yourself for a shocking story that is sure to make you the medical competence of professional doctors across the nation.

A recent case of gross medical negligence has come to light, where a young boy was treated for his injury with adhesive ‘Fevi Kwick’ instead of proper medical procedures.

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Family Visits Hometown to Attend Wedding

It was supposed to be a joyous occasion for Vamsi Krishna, his wife Sunitha, and their young son Praveen Choudhary. They were attending a wedding in the Jogulamba Gadwal district of Telangana, India. But what was meant to be a celebratory day soon turned into a nightmare when their son sustained a nasty injury.

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7-Year-Old Boy Injured While Playing

Praveen, who was only seven years old, had fallen while playing and had injured his left eye. The concerned parents rushed him to a nearby hospital for medical attention. They hoped that their little boy would receive the best possible care and recover quickly.

However, what followed was a shocking display of negligence and incompetence. The doctor who was supposed to be treating Praveen, a qualified MBBS doctor named Dr. Nagarjuna, and his assistants treated the young boy’s injury with an adhesive called ‘Fevi Kwick’ instead of stitching it. The treatment worsened Praveen’s condition, causing him immense pain and suffering.

Doctor and Parents Get Into Heated Argument

The angry parents filed a police complaint against Dr. Nagarjuna, which led to an investigation. A video of the incident, showing Vamsi Krishna confronting Dr. Nagarjuna and his assistants about their negligence, went viral on social media. The exchange was tense, and the doctor’s claim that the mishap occurred due to a power outage in the hospital only added fuel to the fire.

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Doctor Gives Assurances

The enraged parent questioned the doctor’s lack of common sense in using Fevi Kwick and not employing battery-operated lights during the power cut. Despite the doctor’s assurances that the boy would be fine and that he would take responsibility for any complications, the angry parent continued to berate him with harsh words.


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