A Telangana-based groom was attacked by his bride’s family after he faked illness & got hospitalized in a bid to avoid getting married. The incident was reported from Jagtial district, Telangana and the groom in question was identified as Anwesh. The high-octane wedding drama occurred earlier on August 21.

According to reports, Anwesh is a software engineer working for a company in US. Anwesh was set to get married earlier on August 21. Reportedly, Anwesh told his family that he wanted to get married within a week of getting engaged.

To meet Anwesh’s demand, the bride’s family agreed and a marriage ceremony was scheduled for August 21. Like many Indian marriages, the bride’s family also agreed for a sum of Rs 25 lakhs as dowry. The bride’s family paid Rs 15 lakhs during engagement and promised to pay the remaining sum on the wedding day.

On the D-Day, the bride’s family received a shocking news from the groom’s family. The bride’s family was told that the groom had to be rushed to the hospital as he fell in the bathroom. Later, Anwesh again complained of being unwell. However, he was declared fine by doctors.

Finally, the groom revealed that he was not interested in getting married. Enraged, the bride’s family attacked the groom. However, the groom was spared.

The Facts of the Matter

We have all heard of grooms and brides getting cold-feet before getting married. However, a groom in Telangana took ‘getting cold feet’ to a whole new extreme, as he faked illness and got hospitalized to avoid getting married. The groom in question was identified as Anwesh, a US-based software engineer.

A Hanamkonda native, Anwesh was scheduled to marry earlier on August 21. The development came after he got engaged to a woman and told his family that he wanted to get married within a week of his engagement.

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Groom Promised Rs 25 Lakhs Dowry

To meet his demands, Anwesh’s family and the bride’s family decided to conduct a marriage ceremony in Telengana’s Jagtial district. Meanwhile, according to a Times Now report, the bride’s family agreed to pay a sum of Rs 25 lakhs to the groom as dowry. The bride’s family handed Rs 15 lakhs at the time of engagement and agreed to pay the remaining sum on the day of the marriage.

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D-Day Arrives, Chaos Ensues

However, little did the bride’s family know the chaos that were soon to unfold on the D-Day. On the day of marriage, the bride’s family received a startling news of groom being hospitalized as he had slipped in the bathroom.

Groom Hospitalized

At the hospital, the doctors treated the man and soon allowed him to leave. However, Anwesh started complaining of feeling unwell. He was taken to a different hospital and the doctors conducted multiple tests, and cleared him from having any health-related issue.

The high-octane drama that involved Anwesh faking illness went on for over five hours. It all came to a shocking conclusion when the groom’s mother told bride’s family that the groom no longer wishes to get married.

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Bride’s Family Tries to Assault Groom

Enraged and embarrassed, the bride’s family tried to assault the groom in question for his behaviour. However, the groom was spared as other members of the family intervened and held the enraged members back.

The wedding was soon called off after both sides decided to come to a conclusion amicably.


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