In a hilariously shocking incident, a Telangana man was recently booked for dialing 100 and asking the police to get him two bottles of chilled beer. The incident was reported from Vikarabad district, Telangana and the “high-spirited” man who called the cops for alcohol was identified as 22-year-old Janigala Madhu.

Madhu is reportedly a high-school dropout and called the 100-service where he explained that the alcohol he consumed was not enough and he couldn’t buy any more as the local wine-shops were closed. Madhu further told the police that they are there to address the needs of people, and as such, alcohol is a need he has and it should be arranged.

The incident occurred earlier on the intervening night of Thursday and Friday last week, only to be reported by the media earlier this week. The police, who received the rude shock of their lives with the brazen demand, collected Madhu’s information on call.

A day later, they summoned him and his father to the police station where they counselled him. He was also booked for causing nuisance and misconduct under the influence of alcohol.

Earlier in 2020, a man had called the COVID-19 helpline and had demanded four samosas. While the police got him samosas, they also made him clean the drain as punishment.

The Facts of the Matter

We are living in times where on single tweet, one single call and one single alert can help us to receive the attention we may need from law-enforcement. However, some people try to take advantage of the luxury, and cause nuisance in the process. Recently, a youth in Telangana dialed the 100 service, reserved for emergencies, and asked the police to get him two bottles of chilled beer.

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Man Makes False Claims to Police on Call

The incident was reported from Vikarabad district, Telangana. On Friday, 22-year-old J. Madhu, a resident of Doulatabad, was at a wedding. Around 2.30 am in the morning, he dialed 100 and falsely told the police that his life was in danger. Making tall and facetious claims, the man added that a group of people were about to assault him.

Soon, the patrol team reached the spot that Madhu mentioned during his call. However, they were surprised to see that there was no disturbance and everything was in place. Madhu then told the emergency that he wanted two bottles of chilled beer.

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How Telangana Youth Tried Explaining Police’s Job to Police

During his call to 100, he explained that he had consumed alcohol, but it wasn’t enough for him. He added that the local wine-shops were also closed and hence decided to seek the police’s help.

Madhu also explained that police is for the service of people, and as such, should help him with his need. The police collected all the relevant information from Madhu and the next day, he was summoned to the police station with his father. The police counselled the youth and booked him under charges of causing nuisance and misconduct under influence of alcohol.

Telangana Man Dials 100 Six Times to Complain About Wife Not Cooking Mutton

It should be noted that a similar incident was reported from Telangana earlier in March. A drunk man had reportedly dialed 100 six times to complain about his wife not cooking mutton as per his wish. When the police reached at the accused’s residence, they were shocked to see him in an inebriated state. They decided to leave him be and returned the next day to take him into custody.

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Haryana Drunk Calls Police to See If They Would Show Up

In February 2022, a man in Haryana dialed 112 emergency number just to see if the police would show up on time or not. The man was drunk and told the police that he just wanted to check whether the police were working or not.


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