Holi celebrations turned sour in Telangana as a man was set ablaze by another man after he tried to smear color on him. The incident was reported from Marpally village of Telangana’s Medak district and occurred earlier on Tuesday. The accused in the matter was identified as Md Shabbir while the victim, who suffered burns on his head and shoulders, was identified as Ambadas.

The incident took place in broad daylight as Ambadas and his friends were on their way to take a dip in the nearby river. As Shabbir came from the opposite direction on his motorcycle, Ambadas playfully went towards him to smear colors on him. But what followed was beyond anyone’s imagination.

Without any warning, Shabbir pulled out a bottle of petrol and poured it over Ambadas, drenching him completely. And in a split second, he lit a matchstick and set Ambadas ablaze. The sight was nothing short of a nightmare, with Ambadas screaming in agony as he was engulfed in flames.

The locals who witnessed the incident immediately rushed to Ambadas’s aid and managed to put out the fire. They then took him to the nearest hospital, the Narayankhed Government Hospital, from where he was referred to the Sangareddy Government Hospital.

Shabbir was arrested under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

The Facts of the Matter

Celebrating festivals is a time for joy, togetherness, and spreading love and cheer. However, it’s unfortunate that sometimes these celebrations turn sour due to acts of horrific violence. The recent incident in Telangana’s Medak district during Holi festivities is a prime example of this.

In a shocking incident that has left the entire village in a state of disbelief, a man was set on fire during Holi festivities in Telangana’s Medak district. The victim, Burri Ambadas, suffered severe burns on his head, shoulders, torso, and hands in the alleged attack.

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Accused was Carrying Petrol, Matchbox

As per an Indian Express report, a passerby, identified as Md Shabbir, was enraged after Ambadas threw colors on him. Shabbir, who was reportedly carrying a matchbox with him, emptied a bottle of petrol on Ambadas and set him ablaze in a fit of rage. The incident, which took place in Marpally village, has sent shockwaves throughout the region.

Two Men Knew Each Other

According to police officials, Ambadas and his friends were on their way to take a dip in the river when Shabbir came from the opposite direction on his motorcycle. The two men, who have known each other since childhood and are residents of Marpally, got into a heated argument when Ambadas approached Shabbir to smear colors on him. It was then that Shabbir allegedly poured petrol on Ambadas and set him on fire.

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Accused Arrested

According to reports, the victim suffered about 34 percent burns on his body and is currently undergoing treatment in the critical care unit at Osmania Hospital in Hyderabad.

Meanwhile, the accused, Md Shabbir, was arrested on Tuesday and has been remanded in judicial custody. He has been booked on charges of attempt to murder and under relevant sections of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

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5 People Lose Lives in Odisha

Meanwhile, the festive fervor of Holi in Odisha turned into a tragic episode as five people lost their lives due to drowning while taking a bath in ponds and rivers on Wednesday.

As per the police reports, two brothers were caught in the treacherous currents of the Brahmani river in Kendrapada district and drowned at Musadhia in Pattamundai police station area. Another boy succumbed to the force of the Chitrapola river in the Salipur area of Cuttack while taking a dip.

The Soro area of Balasore district witnessed the unfortunate death of a girl who drowned in a pond, while in the village of Kandhapalli in Sadar police area of Bolangir, a man lost his life while bathing in the village pond.


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