In Telangana, a man made himself take an ‘agniparkisha’ (trial by fire), by walking barefoot on embers, all in a desperate bid to prove not having an affair with his brother’s wife. For the unversed, ‘Agnipariksha’ is a term from Hindu mythology and literature, specifically the epic Ramayana.

In the story, Sita, the wife of Lord Ram, is kidnapped by the king Ravana and taken to Lanka. After Ram defeats Ravana and rescues Sita, some rumours were ripe about Sita’s fidelity during her captivity. To prove her purity and chastity, Sita underwent the “Agnipariksha,” which roughly translates to ‘trial by fire’.

In Telangana, a man identified as Gangadhar was alleged of having an affair with his brother’s wife. The elders intervened and ordered him to undergo an Agnipariksha. The condition? If Gangadhar was injured due to the burning embers he was supposed to walk on, he would be considered guilty, and would also have to pay a fine of Rs 11 lakhs.

Eager to prove his innocence, Gangadhar accepted the shocking proposal, and underwent the Agnipariksha, visuals of which are going viral. Despite undergoing the trial, Gangadhar was asked to pay the fine of Rs 11 lakhs, following which, he filed a police complaint, and a case was registered against 9 people.

The Facts of the Matter

Children who have born on a steady staple of the retelling of Hindu scripture Ramayana would know about ‘Agnipariksha’. For the unversed, The Agnipariksha is a test of purity and loyalty, and it is often used to determine whether a person is guilty or innocent. In the Ramayana, the Agnipariksha is used to prove the innocence of Sita, the wife of Lord Rama

After Sita returned to Lord Rama’s kingdom, Ayodhya, there were doubts about her purity and loyalty. Lord Rama asked Sita to undergo the Agnipariksha, a test of her purity and loyalty, to prove her innocence.

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Real Life Agnipariksha Conducted in Telangana

Centuries have passed, but the prevalence of an ‘agnipariksha’ remains. In a similar vein, a man in Telangana recently had to undergo the same trial by fire to prove his innocence.

It so happened that in the remote village situated in the Telangana’s Mulug, a tribe’s elders ordered a man, Gangadhar, to undergo the ancient trial of ‘Agnipariksha’ to prove his innocence. Gangadhar was alleged to have an affair with his brother’s wife.

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Video of Agnipariksha Viral on Twitter

The tribe put a condition before the trial that if Gangadhar got injured while undergoing the trial by fire, he would be deemed guilty, and a hefty fine of Rs 11 lakh would be imposed. However, if he emerged unscathed, he would be declared innocent of the allegations.

In a desperate bid to prove his innocence, Gangadhar accepted the condition, and underwent the trial, visuals of which are going viral.

Watch here

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Case Registered Against 9 People

However, despite emerging unharmed from the trial, Gangadhar was still subjected to the fine of Rs 11 lakh and was subsequently forced to file a complaint in the matter.  The police have taken action and have registered a case against nine individuals for harassment.


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