In Telangana, two siblings aged 8 and 9 stole as much as Rs. 4 lakhs from their parents and spent the same in merely 20 days. The siblings also went on to replace the stolen notes with fake currency notes to avoid suspicion.

The siblings lived a life out of their dreams for over two weeks which involved buying expensive smartwatches, getting expensive smartphones, eating at the fanciest of restaurants, and playing at fun-zone for hours. According to reports, the sibling duo stole the money and lived their fantastical lifestyle last month, before their ploy was uncovered by their parents.

The children and their parents reside in Jeedimetla’s SR Naik Nagar. The keen and observant sibling-duo saw their parents keeping cash in a secret cupboard, and shared the secret to their friends. Two of their friends, aged 14 and 13, encouraged them to steal the money in little amounts, and replace them with false notes.

Meanwhile, the siblings’ parents observed behavioural changes in the children and decided to peek into the cabinet where they used to store the cash. The couple were shocked to see that the cash was stolen and decided to talk to the children about the same.

A case has been filed with the Jeedimetla Police.

The Facts of the Matter

The whole thing is that, ke bhaiyya sabse bada rupaiyaa…”

Two siblings in Hyderabad took the above-mentioned notion to heart and mind, as they stole Rs. 4 lakhs from their parents and spent the money in merely twenty days. The two siblings, both boys and aged 8 and 9 saw their parents keep cash in a secret cupboard and told their friends about the same. Their friends, 14 and 13, nudged them to steal the money in small amounts, and replace the money with fake currency notes.

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Kids Live Life King Size For 20 Days

With a handsome sum in their possession, the children decided to make merry in their own way. They visited lavish restaurants to eat sumptuous meals. They visited gaming zones and indulged into their favourite games for hours. Like every tech-crazed child born in the 2010s, the two siblings also bought multiple smart-watches and expensive mobile phones.

“In the course of a month, the teens spent Rs 4 lakh for buying watches, mobiles, food, gadgets and paid for movie tickets and online games,” a Deccan Chronical report quoted Jeedimetla inspector K. Balraj saying.

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Parents Notice Changes in Children, Find Out Money Stolen

Meanwhile, the parents of the siblings started noticing big and small changes in their children’s lifestyle and attitudes. Just to be on the safe side, the parents decided to check the cupboard and were shocked to see that the cash was stolen. They further realized that the stolen cash was replaced by fake currency notes.

The parents took the children to task and questioned them about the stolen money. The sibling duo confessed their guilt in the matter and soon the truth got revealed. According to reports, the parents have filed a complaint at the Jeedimetla police station.

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Police Investigating Source of Fake Notes

For now, the police are trying to ascertain as to where the sibling duo got their hands on fake currency notes. Further, the police are also interrogating the two friends of the siblings as to why they encouraged them to take such a huge step of stealing money.


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