A total of 3 terrorist encounters have taken place in Jammu & Kashmir since this morning after the daylight restriction was lifted in the area this morning. In one of the three encounters, terrorist took a hostage in a house in Ramban district. The local police & CRPF went on a 5-hour long standoff with the terrorist. Until now 3 have been killed and the hostage has been rescued. Apart from this one encounter took place in Upper Gunderbal and a grenade attack in downtown Srinagar.

Attack 1:

As being reported, on 28th September, Saturday at around 7.30 AM, three terrorists tried to stop a passenger bus in the Jammu-Srinagar highway (NH-244) and tried to get into it. The incident took place in Batote Town of Ramban District. The terrorists were dressed in Indian Indian military battledress while they tried to stop the bus.

However, the bus driver somehow understood that they were not Indian Army Men but terrorist and he acted smartly. He accelerated the bus and sped away. After reaching a safe distance, he informed the army check post about the incident. The security forces including Jammu & Kashmir local police & CRPF (Centra Reserve Police Force) personnel arrived soon at the incident spot, surrounded the area and launched a search operation.

In a conversation with NDTV News reporter, an eye witness said, “I heard two explosions.”

At around 12.30 PM, the forces discovered the 3 of the 5 terrorists involved in the incident as they fired on the security personnel. The terrorist held a hostage along with them. The forces managed to corner them after the first attack as they were trying to hijack a vehicle. The terrorists secluded themselves in a house of a BJP Worker in the area while two went on a run in the forest. The forces surrounded the area around the house.

Soon the silent operation turned into warfare between the forces and the terrorist as the later stared firing bullets on the security personnel. They also threw grenades before entering the house.

Here is a video informing by Aaj Tak informing about the Whole incident.


However, after a 5-hour long stand-off, forces were able to save the hostage killing 3 terrorists. One of the military personnel lost his life in the exchange of bullets. As told by one of the officials, the rain in the area had made the operation more difficult. Still, the security forces advanced with extreme caution to avoid collateral damage before the hostage was rescued. Further as per a report, the hostage was a BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) Worker.


The terrorists were asked to surrender as per the information but they did not take the opportunity.

In a conversation with PTI (Press Trust of India), Army spokesperson (Jammu Region) Lieutenant Colonel Devender Anand told that three terrorists were killed in the gunfight and one soldier was also lost however the hostage was safely rescued.

Further Jammu Inspector General of Police Mukesh Singh told ANI, “Two policemen were injured in the rescue operation.”

Anand Further Said, “At around 1 pm, the militants entered a house and took a BJP worker hostage.”

He further told “So, there were five militants in that area. Three were in the house where the man was held hostage and two in the nearby forest,” he said.

As per a report by NDTV, the two terrorist militants in the forest area had shown their willingness to surrender. If this happens, then it will be a huge success for the security forces.

The forces were able to safely rescue 7 people from the house in Ramban District.

Attack 2: The second terrorist encounter took place in Gangbal, upper reaches of Ganderbal, bordering Gurez. The place is very close to the Line of Control (LoC). The Terrorist was shot dead. The news was confirmed by a tweet of Army’s Northern Command.


Attack 3: The third attack took place in Nawakadal, Srinagar, where terrorists threw a grenade at the sparsely populated area. Although there was no civilian or security personnel were on the place of impact, there was zero causality. The police are struggling to figure out the point of the attack and the probable target. The terrorists behind the attack are still on run.

It was for the first time this morning that restrictions were removed from all 22 districts in Jammu and Kashmir. However, as per the reports, restrictions in downtown Srinagar continue after the grenade attack.

The standoff comes took place days after an intelligence report came from secret agencies that warned the government that at least 60 terrorists have infiltrated into Jammu and Kashmir in the last few weeks alone. Further, the reports suggested that another 500 are waiting to infiltrate.

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, had visited Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday for the 2nd time after the government scrapped Article 370 on August 5. He warned and asked the state police and the paramilitary forces to intensify anti-terror operations in the state following the intelligence reports.

During his first visit, he was even seen having conversations with locals over a meal. He has visited the state to meet the security forces and civilians to get acquainted of what was happening on the ground.

The State of Jammu & Kashmir will officially be a Union Territory separated into two parts from Tuesday, 1st October 2019. The State will be divided in Jammu & Kashmir UT (Without Legislature) & Ladakh UT (With Legislature).