Today we will be telling you everything we know so far about the newly appointed directors of Tesla’s Indian arm. 

As reported earlier today, Tesla was incorporated as a subsidiary of the original foreign company in Bengaluru with 3 new directors.  Tesla minted Vaibhav Taneja, Venkatrangam Sreeram and David Feinstein as the new directors of their Indian business arm

Here’s a closer look at the three individuals, their roles in Tesla Motors and their professional backgrounds prior to Tesla:

  1. Vaibhav Taneja:

Vaibhav Taneja has more than 20 years of experience of accounting with companies in the tech, finance, retail and telecommunication sector. Before his current role, Taneja used to work as a corporate controller at Tesla. During this phase of his career, Taneja collaborated with previous CFOs like Deepak Ahuja and Kirkhorn. He also oversaw Tesla’s financial planning and analysis.  

Tenaja got onboard with Tesla in 2017. Prior to Tesla, Taneja used to work for SolarCity, an energy corporation that was acquired by Tesla in 2016. At SolarCity Taneja oversaw mergers, integration of billings and collections, direct and indirect taxation and was also responsible for the financial analysis and planning for acquisitions and investor relations.  

     2. Venkatrangam Sreeram: 

Venkatrangam Sreeram is a serial entrepreneur although one with a low-profile. Sreeram is on the board of two firms- Xenon Automotive India and Clearquote Technologies India. Xenon Automotive is an automotive fleet firm with dealer management at its core. ClearQuote Technologies India is an AI firm with a specialisation in vehicle inspection.  

His multiple entrepreneurial ventures give a glimpse of his passion for auto. Sreeram is also an ex-Tesla employee who worked as a Project Manager for two years in Tesla’s China office. According to his LinkedIn profile, Sreeram was “Project manager involved in setting up wholesale and retail operations in China.” 

Sreeram’s experience and acumen suggest he is likely to oversee Tesla’s unique customer retail model. Tesla is known for its distinct retail model which bypasses the need for establishing brick-and-mortar stores and service centres. 

      3. David Feinstein: 

Feinstein is hired as Global Senior Director, Trade Market Access at Tesla. Feinstein has been working with Tesla for more than 8 years. He joined Tesla in 2012 as a Manager, Global Trade Compliance – Supply Chain, according to his LinkedIn profile. Feinstein has since worked closely with Tesla’s finance team. Having contributed immensely in various capacities, Feinstein has climbed the corporate rung in the past 5 years at Tesla. 

He and Vaibhav Taneja are both on the board of other Tesla units which includes units in Slovenia. Little is known about him because of his ghost-like presence on social media. However, the Tesla enthusiast club known as Tesla Club India did some dig and came up with some information about Feinstein on Twitter.