Recently, in a viral video provided by Twitter user Jordon Nelson, a Tesla car’s autopilot system can be seen confused the yellow moon in the sky with a yellow traffic signal. However, it indicates that devices are still not cognitive enough to be left unattended with the steering wheel.


While traveling in his self-driving Tesla last week, a Twitter user noted something peculiar. Jordan Nelson was driving along a highway in North Carolina, USA when he spotted his car was speeding down after it misunderstood the moon for a yellow traffic light.

Mr. Nelson captured the incident on camera and uploaded it on Twitter. Tagging Tesla CEO Elon Musk in his post he wrote, “Elon Musk, you might want to have your expert members investigate into how the moon can fool the autopilot technology. The automobile mistook the moon for a yellow traffic light and continued to slow down “.

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Tesla Car Video Went Viral and Received Hilarious Comments

Although being seen over nine lakh times, the video drew no remark from Tesla or Musk. Other Twitter followers, on the other hand, commented on the tweet by either endorsing amendments to the algorithms or writing hilarious comments. One user said, “Edge Case. This only appears to occur on planets with moons”.

For noticeable considerations, the video went viral. As of now, it has garnered 7,98,600 watches, 12,000 likes and 1835 retweets. Users commented on the video in the comment threads portion. A few other people say there is an error with the mechanism of the technology.

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Video Demonstrate Car’s Interpretation Algorithm Confusion

The video manifests the tablet screen of the car and the scene through the windscreen. The moon, which seems yellow in the footage, is far high up in the sky. The chosen path of the car is apparent within two parallel blue lines on the car’s device screen, and also another car moving forward of the user’s car is also demonstrated on the screen.

Eventually, a yellow traffic signal pops on the display out of nowhere.

Amazingly, as the traffic light begins to get nearer and pass, another yellow traffic light pops on the screen, followed by another. During the 23-second video, 13 yellow traffic lights emerge and flash on the display. However, there is no yellow traffic in reality.

There is a yellow moon in the sky, distant and higher in the sky. The moon appears to be misconstrued as a traffic light by the car’s interpretation mechanism. Nelson mentioned in the post that the vehicle reduced its speed.

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Tesla Car’s Owner Can Subscribe FSD interface

Tesla cars are prominent for a plethora of technologies, one of which is the autopilot setting, often termed as the Full Self-Driving Function. Meanwhile, in a recent video, a shortcoming in the vehicle’s FSD technology perpetually misdiagnosed the low-hanging moon for a traffic signal.

According to sources, Mr. Nelson said that he had newly procured a subscription to full self-driving via Tesla and wished to test the functionality. Tesla officially revealed that Tesla owners can subscribe to the firm’s full self-driving interface for $99 or $199 per month, rather than investing a whopping $10,000 straightaway.