In a bizarre incident, a Texas-based man, who jumped on a moving 18-wheeler and started dancing, paid dearly for his adventures after the truck passed under an overpass and the man crashed into it. The hair-raising video of the incident shows the man on top of the 18-wheeler, not fully able to judge how fast he was approaching the bridge as he crashed into it.

The incident occurred in Houston, Texas and occurred earlier on Thursday this week. As per the local police, the 25-year-old unidentified man got knocked off from the bridge and fell to his death after the truck he had jumped on was passing under an overpass. The man had chosen to dance on the 18-wheeler truck just when it was approaching an overpass at US-59 Eastex Freeway.

As per Houston Police Department spokesperson Jodi Silva, the man may have jumped on top of the truck to record a video of him dancing. Further, as per the initial investigation, the driver of the truck didn’t know the person who had jumped on his truck.

“The driver isn’t even sure when the (other man) got on top of the truck,” spokesperson Jodi Silva said. Meanwhile, the deceased was rushed to the Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, where he was declared dead.

The Facts of the Matter

A Texan recently paid for his adventures by his life after he jumped on a 18-wheeler to dance on it and then got knocked off the truck after it passed under an overpass. Authorities are stating that the man may have wanted to take his video of the incident. The shocking footage of the incident was taken by  Grizzy’s Hood News, and has since garnering all sorts of reactions on social media.

The unidentified man was 25 years old and was pronounced dead after being rushed to a hospital. The incident occurred at the US-59 Eastex Freeway and occurred earlier on Thursday.

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What Does the Video Show?

Moments before the tragic mishap, a driver was filming the unidentified man standing on the 18-wheeler with no care and concern. The man somehow manages to dodge past the first overpass and stands up. He then starts to dance and sways his arms. He fails to see the oncoming overpass and hits a structure before falling from the truck into the traffic on the road.

Watch the Video here (Viewer’s Discretion Advised):

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Deceased Sustained Blunt Force Trauma Injuries

Following the incident, the deceased was rushed to the Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, where he was declared dead. The man reportedly died after sustaining several blunt force trauma injuries, as per the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.

Driver Didn’t Know About Man on Truck

Later, Houston Police Department initiated an investigation in the case. spokesperson Jodi Silva in a statement said that the driver and the deceased man did not know each other. Further, the driver was not even aware that the unidentified deceased had made his way on top of the truck.

“The driver isn’t even sure when the (other man) got on top of the truck,” Silva was quoted saying.

The driver was evaluated after the mishap, and was found to be not impaired. He was also questioned and was later released without any charges.

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“Horrible way to…”: Eyewitness Gives an Account

Meanwhile, a Facebook user claimed to have been a witness of the accident on the freeway, and said how “no one tried to stop it”. Crystal Davis, who claimed to be just “four cars behind him” wrote how she “passed his body at 2mph when we all had to get over in the far left land just pass.”

“I saw the blood chunks on the ground. I saw the contorted body and broken neck and arm. It was horrible way to begin a day,” she wrote.


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