A Texas-based woman reportedly set her boyfriend’s house on fire after she heard another woman pick up the boyfriend’s phone. The woman, who took the extreme step, was identified as 23-year-old Senaida Soto and is charged with burglary habitation, force and arson. The shocking incident occurred earlier on November 20 and was reported from Shepherd Rd, Bexar County, Texas.

According to reports, Senaida was in a relationship with one of the family members of the home owner. When she Face Timed her boyfriend, she was enraged as another woman answered the phone. It later turned out that the woman that picked up the boyfriend’s phone, was actually his relative.

For Senaida, this was a point of no return, as she went in the boyfriend’s home, and lit the couch on fire to set the living room ablaze. A video taken from inside the house shows the living room catching fire, which spread across the home, causing over $50,000 in damages.

As if this was not enough, she then texted her boyfriend and said, “I hope your house is okay”. As per the homeowner, the woman also stole several items before setting the house on fire. Earlier on Tuesday, Senaida Soto was arrested, and is now facing multiple charges.

As per reports, she is currently in custody with a $1,65,000 bail bond.

The Facts of the Matter

Enraged over “another woman” picking up her boyfriend’s call, a Texas-based woman reportedly set the boyfriend’s house on fire, causing $50,000 in damages. Later, it was revealed that the woman who picked up the boyfriend’s call was actually his relative. The shocking turn of events was reported from Bexar County, Texas, and occurred earlier on November 20.

The accused woman in the matter was identified as 23-year-old Senaida Soto who is currently facing burglary and arson charges, and remains in custody.

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Called Picked Up by “Another Woman”

Earlier on November 20, Soto Face Timed her boyfriend and was enraged when another woman picked up the call. “Upset” over the fact that another woman, who later turned out to be the boyfriend’s relative, picked up the call, she went to the boyfriend’s home.

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“Hope your house is okay”: Woman Texts

Soto broke into the man’s home and set up the living room couch on fire. Meanwhile, she also stole several items from the home before fleeing the scene. Video from the incident showed the fire spreading all across the living room of the house, reaching other corners spread far and wide.

Such was the audacity of Soto that she went on to text her boyfriend as the house was on fire saying, “I hope your house is okay”.

Investigation and Aftermath

The matter came to the fore after the Bexar County Fire Marshal’s Office responded to an arson call sometime around 1.45 am on November 20. The fire marshal’s office and the sheriff’s office worked jointly in the investigation, and earlier on Tuesday, Soto was arrested.

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Not First Such Incident

While the incident may sound rare and an isolated one, this is not the only time a woman set a house to fire over misunderstanding. Earlier in July this year, a 49-year-old woman set fire to a home in North Carolina to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend. Later, it turned out to be that the woman het set fire to a different house as she had a wrong address.


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