In an odd revenge story, a woman from Thailand not only tracked down the brothel her husband used to visit, but also ended up working there, only to plot her elaborate revenge ploy. The strange story was recently reported from a local Thailand-based media outlet where the woman shared her story. In the report, the woman said that she had been suspecting her husband of having an affair for a long time, and to see whether her doubts were reasonable, went to lengths.

According to reports, the woman picked up her husband’s wallet and what she found swept the carpet under her feet. The woman found a ticket from a place called ‘Chin-name Inran OL Kurabu’. Talking to the outlet, the anonymous woman said, “I found evidence of my husband’s infidelity in his wallet. It was a user stamp card for a sex shop.”

Curiosity kills the cat, and in this case, the couple’s marriage. The woman let the curiosity got the better of her and phoned the number where she was told to come to the place to understand the situation. When she visited the place, she found shocking details of what her husband was up to.

Shockingly enough, the woman decided to start working in the same establishment and started loving it. She now suspects that she will have her revenge when she’ll see her husband.

The Facts of the Matter

‘Revenge is a dish best serve cold.’

However, in a unique situation, revenge was served rather hot (pardon the pun), and in a brothel.

This is the strange story of an anonymous woman in Thailand, who went to lengths to catch her husband frolicking in a brothel, and ending up working in the same establishment after “enjoying’ the ordeal.

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Woman Suspects Husband of Having Affair

The incident was reported from Chiang Mai, Thailand, as per a Dail Star report. The shocking confession as first made in a local media outlet where the woman said that she had been suspecting her husband indulging into infidelity.

To confirm her suspicion, the woman checked her husband’s wallet, and what she found, opened a metaphoric hole in land she stood on. The woman found a receipt of a place called ‘Chin-name Inran OL Kurabu’, which roughly translates to ‘C*ck-licking Debauched Office Lady Club’

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Calling the Brothel & Being Asked to Visit

Speaking to the local news outlet, the woman was quoted saying, “I found evidence of my husband’s infidelity in his wallet – It was a user stamp card for a sex shop called Chin-name Inran OL Kurabu. I was curious to know more details of where he’d been going, so I phoned the number on the card and asked, and was told ‘if you come to see for yourself, you’ll understand.”

The woman, scared about the fact that her husband could actually bring a sexually transmitted disease to their home, decided to take a look for herself as to the place he goes to. When she visited the place, the manager of the establishment told her about all that takes place in the brothel.

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Story Takes Strange Twist

Reassured that there was no intercourse put on offer, the woman decided to take a unique revenge. She decided to work at the establishment, contemplating about whether or not she would run into her husband.

“While that had certainly not been my original intention, that’s the way things turned out, and out of curiosity, or interest, I agreed,” she was quoted saying.


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