In a shocking incident reported from Thailand, 5 people, including 4 children were injured as a safety bar of a theme park at a resort came loose. Harrowing video of the incident shows the exact moment the injured people were thrown off the ride after the safety bar malfunctioned. As per reports, the owner of the resort put the blame on the staff, saying they had not locked the safety bar on one of the carriages of the ride.

The incident occurred earlier on November 18, and was reported from Thailand’s Krabi. Later, the emergency personnel received an alert regarding the incident which occurred at the Ban Nam Chan Food and Fair event. The injured were enjoying some moments of thrill and excitement at the Crazy Wave ride, which suffered the malfunction, throwing several people in the air.

The victims of the mishap were rushed to the Krabi Hospital. The victims included children aged between 12- to 15-year-old, and a 34-year-old woman, identified as Kiritiyavadee Chaichana. An investigation showed that the ride was in good condition.

However, it was the staff that forgot to put the lock of the safety bar which would’ve not caused the incident.

In March, a 14-year-old boy fell to his death at a theme park ride in Florida as he was not buckled up.

The Facts of the Matter

Theme Park joyrides are enjoyed by both adults and children alike. These rides give people a sense of excitement and an adrenaline rush not many activities do. However, in some situations, these rides end up becoming the cause of injuries and evitable tragedies.

One such incident was recently reported from Thailand, where 5 people, including 4 children aged 12- to 15-year-old, were injured after the safety bar of a ride came lose and they were thrown in the air. The incident occurred in November 18 and occurred at the Ban Nam Chan Food and Fair event which was behind held at Thailand’s resort town Krabi.

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What Does the Video Show?

The 25-second video of the incident shows a several people sitting inside a ride as it starts to hover up and down. While everything goes on well for the next few moments, all hell breaks loose as the safety bar of the ride comes off lose and several people were ejected from the ride. Some bystanders rush to give the victims immediate attention and aide.

Watch the Video here:

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Owner of Ride Accepts Negligence

A Metro UK report quoted Lieutenant colonel Chatchai Nakpaksi saying, “The injured woman still needs treatment at the hospital. We will wait for her medical certificate before she can file an allegation against the owner.”

He further added that the owner of the ride accepted the negligence, and also agreed to pay the relevant treatment bills of all the victims. “We are also checking whether it is a criminal offense under any laws,” he added.

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Owner Says Staff Negligence Led to Mishap

The owner of the ride said that it was the recklessness of the staff which caused the incident. The staff pulled down the safety bar kept in place. However, they forgot to put the lock installed with the safety bar.

Meanwhile, governor of Krabi province, Puttipong Sirimat said that the owner has been ordered to be “more careful” while operating the ride. “Now he has agreed to fully take care of all the injured and their costs according to the suitability of each case. He visited all the injured people in hospital shortly after the accident,” he added.


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