In Thailand, a suspect case of animal smuggling emerged as dozens of live monkeys were found stashed in bags that were tied with string and zip ties. Visuals emerging in the wake of the horrifying incident showed the monkeys stuffed inside blue coloured bags.

The bags were further secured with strings. Meanwhile, monkeys stuffed in the bags can be seen trying to escape the shameful ordeal. According to reports, the monkeys were found in a state where they had gone remorsefully weak from hunger.

One monkey was also reported dead in the case of failed animal smuggling attempt. The incident was brought to light when a resident in a Thailand building found about 100 monkeys in an abandoned building. The resident’s attention was drawn to the building due to the cries of the monkeys.


According to World WISE (World Wildlife Seizures) almost 6,000 species were seized from the year 1999-2018 for almost every country across the world. These species were seized by authorities when they were in the process of being illegally smuggled. As per the data, mammals were the most seized species, accounting to almost 23% of the total species seized. Mammals were followed by reptiles and corals, each at 21.3% and 14.6%. These were followed by plants, birds, and mollusks with 14. %, 8.5% and 7.9% each.

With strict measures and laws put in place to curb the menace, animal smuggling is still a prevalent issue that needs to be worked on. Recently, an incident from Thailand sheds light on the same.

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The Facts of the Matter

Local reports from Thaliand recently showed hair-raising visuals of wildlife protection officers prying open several crates which were filled with monkeys stashed inside bags. The monkeys were left to suffer and get weak from hunger and dehydration as the bags were completely secured with plastic zip ties.

The visuals also showed some monkeys making a final effort to escape. According to reports, these monkeys were kept in the bags for so long that they had gone irredembaly weak from hunger and thirst. According to another report, a monkey was reported already dead due to hunger and thirst.

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Harrowing Visuals Show Monkeys Stuffed in Bags

According to an Independent report, these monkeys were stored in the crates in an abandoned building by a gang. The gang is currently speculated of preparing the animals to be smuggled across International waters. The incident came to light when a resident took notice of the cries of the monkeys.

The local resident, identified as Wilrom Wanalee, told the Independent that she discovered at least 100 monkeys in an abandoned building. Wanalee and her neighbours took to the abandoned building after hearing horrific cries of the monkeys. According to reports, the local and her neighbours pried open the bags before they actually called the authorities.

Monkeys Rushed to Quarantine Center Arrests, No So Far

After the authorities were called, they rescued the monkeys. The primates were reportedly rushed to a Bangkok based wildlife quarantine center. So far, no arrests have been made in the matter with the authorities still under the process of investigating the matter.

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Not an Isolated Event from Thailand

Although the incident is a challenging one to wrap one’s head around, it should be noted that this is certainly not an isolated event. Earlier this week, authorities in Thailand arrested 3 people who were in the possession of baby leopards and tiger pelts. The three accused were arrested from Kanchanaburi province in Thailand, as per a Bangkok Post.


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