A Thai man was in for a rude shock after his wife eloped with his Rs 1.3 crore lottery prize to start a new life with a lover. The man, who had originally planned to donate a portion of his winning to a temple and then hold a grand ceremony is now left penniless after the fortune he won was swept under his nose by his own wife.

The man who suffered the blow of fate’s twist was identified as Manit, who had been married to his wife for as many as 26 years. Recently, Manit had lady luck smile on him as he won a 6-million-baht (Rs 1.3 crores) in a lottery. Elated and ecstatic, Manit started making plans with his wife and family as to how he will be spending his fortune.

The family also held a gala ceremony where Manit was supposed to share his fortune as per his choice. However, he was confused to see a man in the celebration he had never seen before. When he asked his wife as to who the person was, she lied to him and said that it was her relative.

Shockingly enough, Manit’s wife Angkanarat and her lover eloped from the ceremony with the cash he had won, leaving Manit heartbroken and poor. Later, Manit’s son told cops that he was aware of his mother’s affair as well.

The Facts of the Matter

“That’s life, that’s what all the people say. You’re riding high in April, shot down in May.”

These verses from Frank Sinatra’s ‘That’s Life’ song truly symbolizes a Thai man’s plight. After fortune favoured him and helped him win a sum of Rs 1.3 crores in lottery, the man was left shocked after his wife took off with her lover with his winnings.

One would think that the man’s 26-years-and-running-long marriage would not end in such a disastrous situation, but as Frank Sinatra would say – “That’s life!”.

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Manit on Moon After Winning Lottery

Manit, originally from Thailand, was recently on top of the moon when he won 6 million baht (Rs 1.3 crores) in lottery. Like most people would Manit started making plans as to where he would be spending his winning, and decided to hold a gala celebration with his family where he would share the winnings. Manit was also planning to donate a portion of his lottery winnings to a temple.

During the planned-celebration, Manit was confused to see an attendee he had never seen before. Naturally, he asked his wife Angkanarat as to who the person was. Angkanarat told Manit that the person is just one of her relatives, and there’s no need to worry.

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Wife Takes Off with “Relative” with Winnings

Little did Manit know that he was in for a rude shock, a shock worth Rs 1.3 crore. Before the celebration could end, Manit was left looking for his wife and her “relative” who took off with his cash. Later, it was revealed that it was her lover that she took off with.

Police have said they are unable to help Manit as he and Angkanarat had never signed an official wedding certificate together, despite being together for 26 years and having three children.

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Cops Unable to Help Manit

As if things could go from bad to worse, when Manit took to the cops, he had another bad news waiting for him. When the cops heard about the matter, they said that they wouldn’t be able to help him as he and his wife never signed an official marriage certificate, despite being parents of 3 children in a 26 years and counting marriage.

The cops said that there was not much that they could do, as officially, it is simply a case where Manit has “gifted” the money away. The only option that remained for Manit is somehow convince his wife who eloped with her lover to return the money.


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