In Thailand, a woman trapped in her own toilet for as many as three days was recently freed. The woman reportedly wrote her will on the wall with lipstick, after giving up on any chances of being freed. The incident was reported from Bangkok, Thailand and the woman in question was identified to be 54 years old.

According to reports, the woman was trapped in her own bathroom connected with the bedroom of her house where she resided alone. Captain Charnchai, who was involved in the woman’s rescue mission, stated that it took the authorities about an hour to finally unlock the bathroom. When they were finally able to break through to the other side, they found her to be completely exhausted, with her will written on the bathroom walls.

The police said that the woman used her bathroom earlier on August 22, Monday, and found that the door of her bathroom got jammed. As she didn’t have her phone with her, she couldn’t reach out to anyone. Further, her home had secured steel gates, and hence, her cries of help remained unheard.

For three days, the woman survived on tap water and by every passing hour, entertained the certainty of her eventual demise with more intensity.

The Facts of the Matter

Every time one’s bathroom door jams, there’s a moment of internal contemplation where they think – ‘What if I’m stuck here forever?’.

Recently, a Thai woman in Bangkok met her worst fear when she was stuck inside her own bathroom. She was eventually rescued after three days of being stuck in the bathroom and officers found that she had practically given up hopes of being rescued. To that extent, she went on to write her will on the bathroom wall with a lipstick.

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How the Woman Got Stuck in her Bathroom

The 54-year-old woman had reportedly used her bathroom to take a shower earlier on August 22. After she was done with taking shower, she tried to open the door, and found it to be completely jammed. For the next few hours, she shouted and cried for help.

However, as her four-story house was secured with steel gates, her pleas of help remained unheard. Adding salt to the burns, the woman wasn’t carrying any smartphone and hence, couldn’t call the police or her relatives for help.

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Sister Gets Suspicious, Alerts Police

Thankfully, the woman’s sister got suspicious when her calls were not returned. She eventually took to the police who later barged into the woman’s locked home.

A Mirror report quoted her sister saying, “No matter how many times I try to call, no one answers. I found her car is parked in front of the house so she didn’t leave the house. I was worried that something might have happened to her.”

Rescue Op Begins, Woman Found Banging Bathroom Door

The police acted on the suspicion of the woman’s sister and took to her residence. As the doors were locked from the inside, they used bolt cutters and broke into the three-storey residence.

They first searched the first floor of the residence, but found it to be empty. On the second floor, the police finally heard the woman banging the bathroom door and screaming for help.

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Woman’s Farewell Message on Wall

It took the police the better part of an hour to finally break open the bathroom door. As they made their way into the bathroom, they found the woman lying there with complete exhaustion that had taken over her. On the walls, the police found the woman’s will written in lipstick.

Part of the woman’s message on the wall read – “I was stuck on the 22nd and couldn’t get out. I’ve been drinking tap water to stay alive and if it runs out, I’ll probably die. I’ve been screaming for help, but no one could hear, no one has arrived.”


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