In an incident reported from Thane, at least 12 students had a narrow escape after a school bus overturned in Ambernath due to speeding. Video of the incident has since gone viral on social media, garnering reactions from all fronts.

The incident occurred earlier on Monday, sometime around 6.50 am, at Ambernath’s Green City society. The viral video of the CCTV footage shows the driver taking a bus on a slope with several children in the vehicle. The driver tries to reverse and makes an unsound judgement regarding the turn. The speeding vehicle hits a divider and the bus overturns on one side.

Despite the impact of the toppling, neither the driver nor the students were seriously injured in the aftermath. One student did sustain minor scratches. After the incident the locals and the bus driver indulged in an argument.

When the locals confronted the bus owner, he refused to admit that there was any mistake on the driver’s part. Both the driver and the school bus owner, have since been arrested. Parents have meanwhile expressed their anger towards the bus driver, and have alleged negligence.

During investigation, the police found out that the bus was hired privately by the parents of the students. Neither the vehicle nor the driver, were associated with the school, police said.

The Facts of the Matter

For parents across the world, dropping their children to the bus stop and seeing them wave goodbyes from the bus is one of the most precious moments. However, what happens when the same bus is being driven by a negligent driver and the bus in question is itself not maintained for years.

Parents of as many as 12 students recently realized the importance of vetting a school bus driver, and vetting the bus itself. Their children had a narrow escape from potentially life-threatening injuries after their bus overturned due to miscalculation by the driver.

The incident was reported from Green City society in Ambernath, Thane. The entire ordeal of the bus getting toppled was caught on cam, visuals of which are going viral.

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What Does the Video Show

In the video gone viral, a bus carrying several children can be seen on a slope as the driver tries to reverse. The driver somehow makes an unsound judgement and speeds up the vehicle which leads to the bus skidding on the slope, hitting a divider, and overturning on one side.

Horrified parents and other students rush to the spot and try to rescue the students stuck inside the toppled bus. One man can be seen jumping on the bus and pulling the children one after the other from the window side.

Watch the Video here:

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Driver Beaten Up By Locals

Fortunately, the aftermath of the incident was not as horrifying as the accident itself. The students and the driver were both safe from any serious injuries, and only one student was reported to have suffered minor scratches.

Meanwhile, some people immediately caught hold of the bus driver and beat him on the spot.

“Bus poorly maintained”: Society Resident

Green City society resident Paresh Jagtap was quoted in media reports alleging lack of maintenance of the bus. “The bus was poorly maintained; the tire had loosened and needed to be changed. We learned that the maintenance of the bus has not been done for more than two years, despite being used to ferry children,” he was quoted saying.

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Bus Driver Detained, Bus Privately Hired by Parents

Following the incident, the police detained the bus driver and the bus owner. The driver was identified as 22-year-old Sanket Utekar. He was booked under section 279 of the IPC (Rash driving).

It should be noted that the bus and bus driver were privately hired by the parents of the society. Neither the bus nor its driver, were associated with the school.


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