In a shocking incident of medical negligence, a woman in Thane died after being prescribed abortion pills following a wrong sonography report. The incident came to the fore after the Thane police registered a culpable homicide offence against a doctor for giving a wrong sonography report which led to a 28-year-old woman’s death.

According to reports, the doctor in question runs a sonography center in Kalyan and has been booked under Section 304 (A) (Causing death by negligence), of the Indian Penal Code. The 28-year-old deceased woman was undertaking a treatment at a Kalyan-based hospital between March and April earlier in 2021.

This was when she was referred to a sonography center. At the sonography center, the accused doctor issued a sonography report which indicated that the baby was not growing properly. Based on the sonography report, the woman was prescribed abortion pills, which led to her death.

While the accused has been booked, and an investigation is underway, no arrests have been made in the matter.

The incident comes just over a month after a doctor in Assam performing C-section “realized” that the baby was premature, and ended up stitching the woman back. It was reported that the doctor performed the three section 3 months before the due-date.

The Facts of the Matter

Who faces the harsh and unforgiving brunt of medical negligence? A patient who loses their life? Their family who loses a loving, living, resource-bringing person? Or the punished medical staff responsible for the negligence?

In Thane, a 28-year-old lost her life due to a bad sonography report. The woman, who was being treated in Kalyan, was given abortion pills based on wrong sonography report. The unwarranted abortion pills led to her death.

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Woman Issued Wrong Sonography Report

As per reports, the 28-year-old pregnant woman was receiving care post-pregnancy at a Kalyan-based hospital earlier between March and April in 2021. She was referred to a sonography center by the hospital, where a doctor issued her a wrong report.

The Horrific Aftermath

The accused doctor issued a sonography report which indicated that the baby’s growth was medically conventional, and as such, she was given abortion medicines. The wrong report, and the prescription of the abortion medications, led to the woman’s death.

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Accused Booked, No Arrests Made

Following the incident, the doctor, who runs a sonography center in Kalyan, was charged with multiple sections of IPC, including Section 304 (a) (Causing death by negligence). The doctor was charged with culpable homicide after evidences provided indicated that the false sonography results resulted in the woman’s death.

While the police are probing the incident, no arrests have been made so far.

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Similar Cases of Medical Negligence

It should be noted that several such incidents of medical negligence have been reported in the recent past. In May 2020, a 26-year-old pregnant woman in Mumbai died due to labour pain in an autorickshaw after she was denied admission in three hospitals.

The woman, identified as 26-year-old Asma, was in an autorickshaw, accompanied by her family member. She first visited Bilal Hospital, where they were denied admission. She was then rushed to the Prime Citicare hospital, and was then forced to rush to Universal Hospital. None of the hospitals accepted to admit her.

Earlier this year in September, a doctor in Assam performed C-section on a woman, and during surgery “realized” that the baby was not fully grown. He then stitched the woman up, pushing her into a critical condition. It was reported that the doctor in question performed the procedure as much as three-months before the due-date.


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