In the wave of coronavirus, happy news came to all of us in the form of Covid-19 vaccines. But who knew that people would use this to hunt down prey and loot them.

In an incident that took place in Hyderabad, on Saturday, a nurse sedated an old couple with a fake COVID vaccine shot and stole 80 grams of gold ornaments from them. 

This incident took place in Lalitha Nagar under the limits of Meerpet Police Station of Rachkonda Police Commissionerate. On the happening of such an incident the Police Advised the people to not trust those who promise to arrange COVID-19 vaccination. 

The name of the accused is Anusha, who was arrested within hours of filing a police complaint on Sunday. K Laxman who is 80 years old, a retired government employee, and his wife Kasturi, who is 70 years old, filed a complaint to the police on Saturday night that the nurse cheated them in the name of COVID-19 vaccine.

Anusha, who is undergoing an Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) course at a private college and was previously a tenant near Laxman’s house, offered to arrange for the COVID-19 vaccine dose for her. When they agreed to take it, she came to his house at 3 pm on Saturday afternoon and gave Laxman and Kasturi one dose each.

Kasturi shared the incident and said –

“Before giving the jab, she told us that we will be drowsy for some time. We don’t know what happened after that but when we woke up late in the evening, we found that we had been robbed.” 

On waking up from the dose hangover Kasturi realized that her jewelry that she was wearing which includes her mangalsutra, gold ring, earrings and toe rings, all were missing. The total weight of all these was about eight tolas.

On such realization, both of them immediately reported the said incident with the Meerpet police station and filed a complaint. The police investigated and sealed the case with the arrest of Anusha.

Police investigation revealed that Anusha and her husband knew the victims as they lived in their neighborhood on rent. The young couple later moved to another area.

The accused and her husband were reportedly facing financial problems and decided to target the old couple as they were living alone.

Police have advised people not to trust those who promise to administer the COVID vaccine as the vaccine is not available in the open market and only health authorities are authorized to administer the vaccine.

At this stage, only the health workers and frontline workers of various departments dealing with the epidemic are being vaccinated.