Anil Kapoor and Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor’s much-awaited thriller Thar is finally released yesterday. The plot is about revenge and vengeance, and it takes a horrible turn, with bloodshed and bodies thrown across the screen. Anil Kapoor as a cop steals the show but the average script fails to impress viewers. Thar, on the other hand, captures the mood. Presently ‘Thar’ is streaming exclusively on Netflix.


The tale of Raj Singh Chaudhary is basic. The screenplay by Raj Singh Chaudhary (with additional writing by Yogesh Dabuwalla and Anthony Catino) is amazing. However, the side tracks have not been significantly developed. The villain’s cruelty is absolutely unpleasant to watch. Director Raj Singh Chaudhary continues to pursue style and spirit from the same gear, offering a delightful ride through the desert but the illusion soon falls apart.

You’ll be dissatisfied if you’re hoping to witness Anil Kapoor – Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor’s on-screen rapport and how fantastic or wonderful they are together, as they don’t get much screen time together in the movie. Overall the film Thar is an average thriller and one time watch.

Thar star cast: Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Fatima Shaikh, Satish Kaushik

Thar Director: Raj Singh Chaudhary


Munabao, a tranquil village on the India-Pakistan borderline, springs to life in 1985 when a dead body is spotted hanging from a tree. At the end of his tenure, Police Inspector Surekha Singh (Anil Kapoor) discovers a true meaning. Two more people’s lives are taken by a hail of bullets as he opens his probe. Is it the drug trader (Rahul Singh) from over the border? or is it the work of a town’s modest antique merchant (Harshvardhan Kapoor)? Or are they two distinct happenings?

Thar Movie Review: Script Analysis

The screenplay flops in the second half when it tries to drag out the suspense until the very final moment. The characters of Harsh Varrdhan and Anil take up the majority of the screen time, the story becomes boring after a while because it’s difficult to connect to Harsh Varrdhan’s character, and the audience is dragged along with him from point one to another point. Thar, a thriller with Anurag Kashyap’s dialogues, has a lot of sharp edges, but it offers a lot more than it accomplishes.

Raj introduces some ‘twists,’ but they’re a little late. He strives to cover a lot of subjects, such as casteism, misogyny, and brutality. In the grand scheme of things, though, they are ineffective.

Thar Movie Review: Star Performance

Anil Kapoor’s portrayal of a cop is admirable. He effortlessly manages an exceedingly difficult accent while always maintaining a specific body language. However, Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor portrays one-dimensional characters that are exceedingly powerful on paper but utterly soulless on camera. Fatima Sana Shaikh, Satish Kaushik, Jitendra Joshi, Rahul Singh, and Mukti Mohan all put forth a decent attempt, but they are hampered by the burden of half-baked script writing.

Thar Movie Review: Direction & Music

To create a sense of suspense across the blazing sands of the Thar, director Raj Singh Chaudhary harnesses the raw elegance of his landscapes, Shreya Dev Dube’s meticulous camerawork, and the emotive music by Shashwat Sachdev and Ajay Jayanthi. The picture of the huge creature lying immobile in the sun, which appears throughout the story, seems to be a little too properly planned and researched as a metaphor for Munabao’s fading, discreetly rotting society. The rest of Thar’s gloomy, striking visual landscape provides ample reward.

The production design by Wasiq Khan is authentic. Salaam Ansari’s action is unpleasant as per the need of the plot. Atomic Arts’ visual effects are impressive. Aarti Bajaj’s editing is incredibly precise.


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