A 102-year-old Haryana man, who was apparently declared ‘dead’, recently took out a procession in a unique protest. ‘Thara fufa jinda hai’, read a placard that 102-year-old Duli Chand held as he rode the chariot with aviator sunglasses on his eyes and a pink coloured ‘paghdi’ over his head.

The Rohtak-based centenarian had to take out the unique protest in an attempt to continue getting his pensions. His pension had not been releasing, as he was declared dead on government records.

According to reports, Duli Chand took to the streets of Rohtak in a chariot and publicly announced that he was alive and kicking. Since March 2 this year, Duli Chand has not been receiving his old-age pension, as he’s somehow declared dead in government records.

About a month ago, the Duli Chand and his family filed a complaint with the Haryana CM Window, the state’s grievance redressal system. However, the family received no responses from the redressal platform.

To get the point across that he’s well & alive, Duli Chand staged the unique protest where he rode a chariot and announced being alive. Videos of him out on a procession on the streets of Rohtak has since gone viral on social media.

Duli Chand was accompanied by Naveen Jaihind, former AAP President of Haryana Unit.

The Facts of the Matter

Gone are the days when people went on hunger strikes to stage a protest against the system. Now, common people are employing unique ways to stage a protest which are often known to get viral. In one such incident, a 102-year-old man from Haryana, who was declared ‘dead’ in government records, recently took out a procession to publicly announce that he was alive.

The reason for his grand gesture? The Rohtak-based centenarian has stopped receiving his old-age pension that he is entitled to.

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“Thara fufa jinda hai”

Visuals of 102-year-old Duli Chand sitting on a decorated chair have since gone viral on social media. In the visuals, Duli Chand can be seen wearing aviator sunglasses and paghadi over his head. He’s also seen holding a placard which reads. – “Thara fufa jinda hai (your uncle is still alive)”.

According to reports, Duli Chand had stopped receiving his old-age pension since March. His family had meanwhile shared the grievance on CM Window, the Haryana government grievance redressal portal. However, they did not receive any help.

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AAP Ex-Chief Joins ‘Dead’ Pensioner

Earlier on Wednesday this week, Duli Chand and former AAP Haryana chief Naveen Jai hind took to the roads of Rohtak and appeared before the local media to stage the protest. Duli Chand also showed his relevant identification documents to have his pension start coming back.

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24-Hour Ultimatum Given

Meanwhile, Naveen Jaihind gave state administration a 24-hour ultimatum, and stated that a protest will be held if Duli Chand’s pension is not restored.

“Duli Chand’s pension was discontinued despite the fact that he has a valid Aadhar card, PAN number and bank statement. He had received his last pension on March 2 but it was discontinued after that,” he was quoted saying in an Indian Express report.

According to a Comptroller and Auditor General report, the Haryana government transferred a whopping 97.5 crores to “dead pensioners” between the period of 2017 to 2020. Further, a sum of Rs. 2.3 crores was transferred to “dead” pensioners, and were treated as regular pension accounts.


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