It is rightly said that Pen is mightier than the sword. But looking at the price of these pens, now we can say, the pen is costlier than the sword, and the sword we are talking about maybe a gold plate, diamond-studded one. This is a list of one of the most expensive pens of the planet. I mean, you can say ‘Words are valuable’ after using these pens for writing.

These pens are exclusively designed by luxury brands & are more expensive than many sedan cars. Here is the list of World’s most expensive pens:

10 – Crew 60th White Gold Tibaldi Fountain Pens

DIA 24

Have you ever heard of the luxury car company Bentley? Yes, the company is behind this pen. Tibaldi is one of the most luxurious pen brands in the world and makes only high-end pens, with an idea & a dream of harmony with a guarantee certificate. Bentley together with the famous Italian fold maker company collaborates to make this world-famous pen brand.

This elegant pen is made with 18K gold and so is the nib of the pen. The finishing of this fold is done almost like Bentley to make it associated with its cars. The cap of this fold is also made with expensive material. The price of the pen is almost $43,000.

9 – Gaia High Luxury Omas Fountain Pens

This Gaia Pen is a luxury product made by Omas, which is an exclusive sheepfold. The internal part of this fold is also covered by 18K gold, and the inner part shows the interest, a curiosity of the man in the world.

The pen is decorated with precious crystals, white gold, and much other invaluable stuff. The aim is to make it more beautiful and a different fold of the world. It’s made with a dark grey colour that is associated with the interior of the earth. It also has a painting on it which is of plants, spiders, and some other things as well. The price of this luxury pen is close to $43,000.

8 – Marte Omas Fountain Pen

The artistic representation in red gold of the surface of this fine pen, carried out with indescribable ability of the Master goldsmiths, places at our attention, even if in the small space of a fountain pen, the faithful map of the red planet, its dusty deserts, its mountains, the magical light of that mysterious world with its silences and its stillness. Very exclusive Limited and Numbered Edition of only 30 Piston Filled Fountain Pens in 18K Red Gold, its price is the same, close to $43,000.

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7 – Visconti the Forbidden City H.R.H. Fountain Pen

Visconti Ripple H.R.H Fountain pen

Visconti is not only the true symbol of luxury but also a style symbol as well. It has one of the most beautiful and creative folds in the world. The pen has an inner ink filler system which makes it easy for the user to work with. Also, it is a limited edition pen. The contemporary design of this pen is very different and attractive as well. The price of this luxury product is $50,500.

6 – Visconti Alchemy H.R.H. Fountain Pens

This model of a fold by Visconti is very beautiful and luxurious as well. This exclusive and luxury product has two nibs and has an internal ink reservoir for the fillers of ink. It is equipped with precious metals like gold and silver as well. The pen costing a whopping high of around $57000 has been designed to look very rich and classic. It is further decorated & studded with the diamonds and rubies

 5 – Visconti Ripple H.R.H Fountain Pen

Made of 18K white gold and diamonds and with two-tone 18K gold nib, it has double reservoir filling system and is sold in two variations white gold and black. The cost of this fine pen is $57,000.00 too.

4 – Omas Phoenix Platinum Fountain Pen Luxury Limited Edition with diamonds

With an overwhelming price tag of $60,000, this expensive pen is a true embodiment of fact and fancy. Made with 950 platinum and yellow Enamel, with considerable length and diameter, 18K gold engraving nib.

3 – La Modernista Diamonds Caran d’che

Made by the famous Swiss company, Caran d’Ache, this pen stands amongst the most expensive pens in the world. It was recorded as ‘the most expensive pen in the world’ in the Guinness World Records in 2001. It is made up of expensive metals and was coated with silver. It was sold at $26,500 in 2001.

2 – Mystery Masterpiece Mont Blanc & Van Cleef & Arpels limited edition

Designed and marketed by one of the best luxury brands, Mont Blanc, this pen is the work of art. Designers have used a mystery technique to set up the gemstones. The writing instrument is more of a collective, or antique or luxury product than a usual pen because of its extravagant design and equally-extravagant price of US$730,000.

1 – Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen

Even after a pen which costs more than half a million dollars, we have a pen which tops the lists and its price has broken all the records. Designed with precision, the Aurora Diamante has a solid platinum barrel studded with over 30 carats of De Beer’s diamonds.

The Two-tone Nib is rhodium-treated and is made with 18KT solid gold. The best part is that you can customize it and get it coated of arms, signature or portrait.