A wave of happiness and good news flows through the united Indians as the news of a probable settlement proposal on Thursday Afternoon. In a first, Sunni Waqf Board Lawyer confirmed that a compromise offer has been initiated from the board to the Hindu parties through a mediation panel on Wednesday.

In a conversation with media, the lawyer said that the opposing parties have put across their case in front of the mediation panel. The two parties have reached some terms which can’t be disclosed right now.

The Ayodhya land dispute case is one of the most disputed places in the country and has been under dispute for over 3 decades.

The last hearing of the case took place on Wednesday in the apex court by a 5-judge bench headed by the chief justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi. The Supreme Court had appointed a mediation panel to resolve the dispute between the two parties over the Ram Janmbhoomi-Babri Masjid land. On Wednesday, the panel filed a report in the court in a sealed cover. As per some sources, the report is a ‘Sort of Settlement’ between Hindu and Muslim Parties.

The lawyer for the Sunni Waqf Board, the Muslim parties in the politically sensitive dispute, Shahid Rizvi, has confirmed that a compromise offer has been made to the Hindu parties through the mediation panel on Wednesday.

“We have given our views to the mediation panel but we can’t disclose the details of the settlement plan which has been submitted to the court. It is a positive one and everyone – Hindus and Muslims – will be happy.” Rizvi said in a conversation with media.

He further added,“Outside the court, before the mediation committee, parties have put across their case and reached some terms that I can’t disclose right now. Good things are never late; if you want to do things you can do them at the last moment also.”

The five-judge bench reserved the judgement after the hearing on Wednesday. The report of the panel was received by the bench in chambers, where parties involved are not allowed.

If we talk about the settlement, then since the case is civil and not a criminal matter, hence lawfully, the parties reserve the opportunities and rights to reach settlements, before the verdict is announced by the court. Judgement is to be delivered by the Thursday evening when Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi is set to retire. The CJI had cancelled his foreign trip to conclude the verdict on the Ram-Mandir Babari Masjid case before his retirement.

When Rizvi was asked about whether both parties will be satisfied with the settlement, he said, “It is a win-win situation for both Hindus and Muslims.”

Further, if the sources are to be believed, then Hindu parties in the matter, including Nirvani Akhada, Nirmohi Akhada, Ram Janmabhoomi Punruddhar Samiti have also extended their hands in the favour of settling the contentious land dispute.

 However, the deal can not be finalized so easily, because the aforesaid parties are not the conclusive petitioners’ makers of the case. The two main Hindu Stake Holders VHP-backed Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas and Ram Lalla deity (suit filed by the deity includes Nyas as one of the plaintiffs) & 6 other Muslim stakeholding parties have not consented to the ‘Settlement’ yet and hence things are not final yet.

 The parties who have applied for the settlement have pursued it through the provisions of The Places of Worship Act, 1991. The act provides that no dispute concerning any mosque or other religious places which have been reconstructed after the demolition of temple & are existing as in 1947, would be raised in a court of law. However, the main point is that the act excludes the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid disputed land from its purview.

Further, as per some sources, the Muslim parties agreeing to the settlement have stated that the land in question can be handed over as an acquisition to the government and the board (Waqf Board) will submit a list of selected ASI mosques, which could be made available to the community for prayers.