A troubling new beauty trend called “bone smashing” has emerged on TikTok, prompting warnings from experts about its risks. Bone smashing involves hitting one’s face with blunt objects like hammers or bottles in an attempt to reshape or “smash” the facial bones for a more chiseled look. Videos demonstrating the technique have gone viral on the platform, accumulating hundreds of millions of views. However, doctors and medical professionals strongly advise against attempting this dangerous practice at home.

What is Bone Smashing?

Bone smashing aims to alter the structure of facial bones by applying targeted blunt force. Advocates claim smashing certain areas can sharpen the jawline, raise cheekbones, refine the chin and nose, and achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance. They justify the practice through a principle called Wolff’s Law – the theory that bones will remodel and strengthen under pressure and strain.

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No Evidence it Works

However, there is no scientific evidence that bone smashing produces permanent or desirable facial changes. Facial bones are highly complex, and attempting to “sculpt” them through blunt force is more likely to cause damage thanrovement. The amount of focused pressure required would be difficult to achieve without fracturing the bone altogether. Doctors emphasize that bones are not like clay; they cannot be safely molded into shape at home.

Serious Health Risks

Repeated trauma from bone smashing can irritate facial nerves, tissues, and blood vessels. Blunt force impact may also fracture bones, which can heal improperly and result in lasting deformities or chronic pain. Additional dangers include bruising, bleeding, infection, and potential eye injury. These effects can be permanent or require complex reconstructive surgery to correct.

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Better and Safer Alternatives Exist

For those seeking cosmetic facial enhancements, there are effective medical procedures performed by licensed professionals that do not involve harming the face. These include options like dermal fillers for plumping cheeks and lips or creating a sharper jawline with surgical implants or Botox. Consulting a doctor is the safest way to explore cosmetic treatments for one’s desired look.

Love Yourself and Your Face

Underlying the bone smashing trend are pervasive social pressures and beauty standards promulgated online. However, real beauty comes from self-acceptance, not harming oneself to fit an ideal. Having a unique face with its own special characteristics makes each person who they are. There are healthy ways to boost confidence that don’t require breaking bones. Focus on inner qualities, practice self-care, and know that all faces have beauty.

In summary, bone smashing is an unsafe viral trend that lacks scientific basis and can cause lasting damage. Anyone considering altering their facial structure should avoid DIY methods and instead consult a medical professional. Loving yourself as you are is the real key to beauty.

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