Ashlesha Thakur aka Dhriti of The Family Man, one of the most loved and engaging character of the series, reveals she has been getting a lot of ‘Rishtas’ (proposals) in her DMs. She also revealed about her experience working with Manoj Bajpayee and rest of the crew. Manoj Bajpayee also called Ashlesha as his ‘favourite actor’.

Ashlesha on getting ‘Rishtas’ in DM


Family Man 2 Actress Ashlesha Thakur | Image Credit: Ashlesha’s Instagram Account

Ashlesha Thakur aka Dhriti, has been receiving a lot of marriage proposals on social media and in her DMs. She revealed that she has been getting a lot of ‘Rishtas’ in her DMs and that people are sending her the creepiest and the sweetest of messages. Ashlesha added that while she is enjoying the attention, she is unsure about how true all of this is.

She essayed the role of Manoj Bajpayee’s daughter Dhriti in the show and in the second season her performance received a lot of praise.

Ashlesha’s take on the kidnapping scene from the movie

The actress also opens up on doing the intense kidnapping scene. She said that-

“It was exhausting and emotionally and mentally challenging for me. Getting kidnapped was something that was making me very nervous. I did not want to do that scene. I was telling Raj and Suparn sir, ‘let’s do it another day’. When I did the first take, I was confused whether I was doing the correct thing. When the directors supported me, I knew I was on the right track.”


Actress Ashlesha Thakur | Image Credit: IMDb

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Ashlesha expresses her experience of working in ‘The Family Man’ series on Twitter

Ashlesha had shared a bunch of pictures from the sets of The Family Man season 2 on her twitter handle. One picture even showed blood smeared on her face while in another photo, she is seen enjoying some ice cream in between takes.

She wrote in her tweet, “Bruises, sweat & tears matched with fits of laughter, high fives & lots of hugs. Our incredibly creative & generous cast, crew, outstanding fans-it’s all been beyond anything I could have imagined. The love is real & will keep it growing @rajndk @Suparn @sumank @BajpayeeManoj.”

Check the tweet here

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Manoj Bajpayee calls Ashlesha his ‘favourite actor’

Manoj Bajpayee’s favourite actor on the sets was none other than Ashlesha Thakur, who plays the role of his daughter Dhriti. The actor’s revelation was on a post by Ashlesha, who shared pictures of herself on twitter while sharing her experience on working with the cast and crew.

Re-tweeting her post, Manoj wrote, “Most favourite actor on the set @ashleshaat.” Fans had also heaped praises on Ashlesha for her performance on the show, especially the (SPOILER) scene in which she is kidnapped by her boyfriend and ends up killing him with a shard of glass.

Check the tweet here

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Ashlesha set a storm on the set- Sharib Hashmi aka JK

One of the members of the cast, Sharib Hashmi, who played the character JK, wrote, ‘tod phod machaya tumne ekdum’ (created a storm).

Check the tweet by Sharib here

Apart from the thrilling visuals and chase of dangerous people and dangerous stunts, intelligence officer Srikant is a ‘Family Man’ and his interactions with his family bring out his emotional side. Apart from constant chaos with wife Suchi, played by Priyamani, his equation with his son Atharv, played by Vedant, too has been loved by the audiences.