World population is increasing, so is traffic & so is the need to manage the traffic properly. Worldwide governments are trying to concentrate on how to reduce traffics on streets and deriving innovative ways to make the grid transportation convenient. However, Uber has had a different way of dealing with it. 

World-famous logistics leader, Uber is planning to develop an aerial transportation system where you can actually rent an aircraft taxi to take you to your office daily, to a Saturday night party or at your family dinner on Sundays. Uber has been working on it for quite a while now and they have come up with designs of aircraft and the methodology of air transport and logistics system.

“We are living in a world where people are living in a 3-dimensional sky-scrapers, work in a 3-dimensional skyscraper and we have a transportation grid that is in 2 dimensions. That 2-dimensional transportation grid will not be able to keep up with 3-dimensional life and that’s what ‘Elevate’ is about.” says Dara Khosrowshahi (CEO, Uber)

This would not be the end of road transportation era though. As the developers of the programme suggest that through Uber Air’s Elevate, they aim to convert the 2-dimensional logistics system into a 3- dimensional one where urban transportation will get its vertical branch. When the destination is away from your aerial pick-up & aerial drop point, you will still have the road transport system to reach your destination.

Nikhil Goel (Head of Product Elevate) says “Aireal ride-sharing is about EV Tall technology which provides affordable, clean, efficient, quite vertical takeoff and landing, combining that with the ride-sharing platform that uber has built to get load factor into those aircraft.”

And to the greater surprise, reports suggest that Uber will soon be launching its project in the Indian cities – Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Melbourne, Australia will be the first place to get Uber Air’s Elevate. Following that Uber is targetting its next market in Indian metro cities and it is believed to conduct the trials of aerial cabs in the said start by next year. 

Uber’s target is to successfully implement Uber Elevate by 2023 in many countries and India is a part of it. It has consulted aviation authorities in the country as well. Uber is not only trying to create an aerial transport & logistics system but it is also collaborating with local & federal governments to develop an air traffic management system to make the aerial travel & logistics system practically possible and safe. The programme is working with aviation companies to be able to make world-class aerial transportation vehicles which will make transportation more convenient, comfortable & affordable.

Uber’s vision suggests that in the forthcoming years, there will be skyscrapers across the world and that the ground shall be crowded with people. Uber Air’s Elevate would not only help to avoid the heavy traffic on the roads but it will act as an aid to reduce it by distributing the urban transportation system into a vertical dimension.  They are working with the world’s best real estate owners, developers & operators to be able to unlock the abilities to land and take-off the aircraft across the cities.

Not only this, Uber being a worldwide brand understands its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities). Since, with the growing world population, there will soon be congestion and lot of air pollution across the cities, Uber is looking forward to avoiding conventional methods of energy and developing technology to electrify their aircraft.

Uber is already a global leader for urban transport and has introduced ‘ScUber’ in Australia earlier this e\year. ScUber is an underwater rideshare service that promises an unfiltered 180-degree view of Australia’s prominent World Heritage Site, The Great Barrier Reef.

Uber air will definitely entertain the company’s goals and will open a newer gate of opportunities for many businesses. Finally, we will be able to see the future as it had been shown in various sci-fi movies. Watch this short documentary on Uber’s Vision of Air Cabs: