Two men are prioritising their food instead of their lives in the latest footage that has gone viral on the internet.

A massive fire broke out in a Marriage Hall in Maharashtra last Sunday. Though there have been no casualties so far, netizens are in awe of the two men who continued to gobble down food without any hesitation with fire raging in the background.

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How did the Fire break out at Marriage Hall?

As per a report by DNA, the fire broke out due to firecrackers that were burst by the hosts. The marriage hall titled Ansari Marriage Hall in Bhiwandi in Thane, Maharashtra witnessed this massive fire on the wedding day. As per the report, six two-wheelers, a few chairs and some decorations were engulfed by this accidental fire.

Four fire engines had to rush to the spot to get the raging fire under control, as per the Thane Municipal Corporation. Fortunately, nobody was injured in this accident.

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The Men and the Meal

Along with the raging fire, two men who were guests at the marriage hall also went viral because of their unconventional choice. While others rushed out of the venue to save their lives, the two men can be seen relishing their meals on the table. One of them showed signs of a dilemma but chose to remain at his seat with the disastrous fire raging in the background.

Netizens were completely taken aback by these two men. Some found the situation to be hilarious while others thought they were being too callous.

A user made a sarcastic comment saying, “These people have their priorities straight.”

However, some users took notice of the insensitive behaviour and criticised it.

Even though such incidents evoke laughter at times, it shows a lack of responsibility and insensitivity too, as people’s lives are at stake in such unfortunate incidents.