Airlines industry is the only industry after Bollywood in India which has the coolest jobs. It includes glamour with growth. Currently in our country, due to non-availability of skilled human resource. However, for those who have always ambitioned to fly high in life, like literally fly high, these aviation jobs are the best career choices for you.

Airline & Commercial Pilot

Currently, the field is demanding a lot of skilled airline pilots. If you’ve always dreamt of viewing the world from the cockpit, this is the best job for you. You get to fly the aircraft across the globe for the biggest airlines. And the best part is, you get a handsome salary to travel the world. But you should always know that you are endowed with the responsibility of the safety of 100s of passengers. But don’t worry you will have a 6 to 7 digit annual salary to give you work motivation.

How to start & apply:

For the start, you need to opt for Science & Maths in higher education. After completing school, you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in aviation. After that, you have to apply for obtaining Pilot License to Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). For that, you will have to appear in various entrance & intermediate exams to be able to obtain the license. Once you’ve become a licensed pilot, you can apply for the job to the airlines you want.

Here is the link for your detailed study on the course.

Flight Attendant/ Air Hostess

If you are fond of flying but do not have an interest in science and stuff, you can become a flight attendant/air-hostess. We all have been aware of how glamorous and elite are lives of flight attendants. You get to fly almost every other day across the country and the world and you can travel cities in the meantime between two flights. Your responsibilities include attending passengers, serving them on board meal, food & beverages, listening to their complaints and performing safety measures tutorials.

How to start & apply:

You need to have a requisite height with a matching weight and soft-spoken skills. Women of age 21 to 25 & men of age 21 to 26 can apply for the job. There are institutes across the nation that provide you training for the said profession.  Once you have pursued the course successfully, you can start applying to various airlines. A flight attendant has a 6 to 7 digit annual salary package.

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Commercial Air Traffic Controller

Just like traffic police officers control the traffic on streets, an Air traffic controller controls the traffic and routing of air crafts including air force planes, commercials jets, airbuses etc. Although they don’t have to fly like superman midway in the air, they do it by staying on the ground by using satellite enables traffic control systems. The job is filled with thrill and daily challenges and needs great concentration, presence of mind & dedication.

How to start & apply:

You need to pursue an engineering degree in electronics/telecommunication/radio engineering or a masters degree in the said subject with a first class pass result (60% or above). You should be physically healthy and fit such that your body functions properly. After that, you have to apply for & clear ATC test conducted by the Civil Aviation Authority. After that, you have to undergo some other ancillary test & 1-year training. After that, you are good to go for the job.

You can read about the whole process here in detail:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer:

And AME is responsible for checking the airworthiness of an aircraft i.e. whether aircraft is eligible to make a flight or not. It is a technical job involving responsibilities like regular maintenance and major and minor repairing of aircraft as and when required.

How to start and apply:

The job requires the candidate to have pursued a 3-year course of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

After that, you have to appear in Associate Membership Exam certification held by Aeronautical Society of India. Once you have cleared internal exams, AME license will be issued to. Age limit for becoming AME is 23 years. However, it is relaxed for engineering and science graduates.

Here you can read about it in details:

Well, now you have a list of cool jobs in the field of aviation. Now go on, make some research and tell your parents about your dreams of flying high.

Shiksha News wishes you all the best.