Global warming, a problem that is no news to us. We are well aware of the fact that humanly activities have been causing a lot of greenhouse gas emission which is resulting in global warming. Apart from Climate Change, Global Warming is making things worse in many other ways as well. Melting of the large glaciers has resulted in a continuous rise in sea levels at an alarming rate. 

Here is a list of 10 countries which will be wiped out earth due to global warming.

1. Maldives
Average 1 Meter Above Sea Level
Population approximately 4.36 Lacs
The Maldives is an Island country which consists of 1100 islands in total. It is a small country which is located in the west of India. It has the lowest-lying island in the world which is merely 4.2 feet above sea level. Due to the rising sea-levels, there is a very good chance of how the Maldives Islands will fall to the beach erosion caused by global warming. Soon many islands will have no land area, sufficient for human habitation.

2. Tuvalu
Average 4.6 Meter Above Sea Level
Population approximately 0.11 Lacs
Tuvalu is a coral island country, which is made up of 3 coral reef islands and 6 atolls (a ring-shaped reef, island, or chain of islands formed of coral). The island country is majorly made up of coral reefs and is located in between Hawaii & Australia in the pacific ocean. However, the country has been facing serious island depletion due to global warming and climate change. As a result, the residents of the country are finding new homes because soon their home nation may fall to the rising sea levels and coral erosions. 

3. Federated States of Micronesia
Average 3 Meter Above Sea Level
Population approximately 1.04 Lacs
It is a country situated to the east of the Philippines. It is yet another coral island made up of 607 small and large islands and atolls. As a result of the rising sea levels, the island has lost many of its cemeteries to the ocean wave. As per the reports, it is expected that the sea levels around the island may rise up to 16 to 62 by the end of the century. 

4. Kiribati
Average 1-2 Meter Above Sea Level
Population approximately 1.06 Lacs
Kiribati is yet another island country which is losing its native land to the rising sea water level. The country is formed up of 33 islands and is situated in the pacific ocean between Hawaii & Australia. The residents have started moving to the largest island amongst the island group. Recently, the president of the nations has purchased 6000 acres of the land from Fiji with an intent to shift the population of the island to the land. 

5. Nauru
Average less than 1 Meter Above Sea Level
Population approximately 0.13 Lacs
Naura is an island which has a lot of mines. Due to mining over the years, the island has not rendered the residents with any suitable place on the island to reside. Hence, the residents have to make their living at the coastlines. However, rising sea-levels have been another problem. The residents are sandwiched between the sea and the mines. 

6. Seychelles
Average less than 1 Meter Above Sea Level
Population approximately 0.94 Lacs
Located in the western part of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is an island country made up of 115 Islands. The country is majorly formed up of coral reefs. However, the rising temperature of the ocean has resulted in the depletion of the coral reefs. The reefs protected the island from erosion. However, now the island has started eroding. Merely an increase of 36 inches in the water level will render the residents homeless. 

7. Tonga
Average less than 1 Meter Above Sea Level
Population approximately 1.08 Lacs
An island country made up of 169 islands, stands in the middle of the southern part of the pacific ocean. The country has only 36 islands, which are inhabited by humans. Increasing water levels has consumed many beach lands. As a result, the businesses, hotels, offices and the residentials are being pushed to the middle. Many mangroves have disappeared in the last few years due to rising sea level.

8. Comoros
Average less than 1 Meter Above Sea Level
Population approximately 8 Lacs
Comoros is located between Madagascar and Mozambique off the east coast of Africa. It is made up of 3 large islands and several smaller islands. This country is considered vulnerable to climate change and has suffered damages from rising sea levels and increased flooding affecting the agricultural conditions and the fishing industry.

9. Palau
Average less than 1 Meter Above Sea Level
Population approximately 0.21 Lacs
The country is made up of 300 islands and is situated in the western pacific ocean, south-east to the country of the Philippines. The country is also suffering from the problem of rising as the waves have reached the crop fields. The rising temperature of the water is destroying the coral reefs and as a result, the island has started to erode due to the same. It has also affected the fishing industry to a great extent.

10. Bangladesh
Average less than 85 Meter Above Sea Level
Population approximately 15.61 Crores
The only country on the list which is not an island but will soon be submerged under floodwater. The country is a neighbour of India, Nepal, China & Bhutan. The country is severely affected by continuous climate change & global warming. The melting glaciers of Himalaya are causing floods in the country at alarming rates. The country is facing problems of cyclones and tornadoes. Avery year, 25% of the country gets affected by the flood. 

The rising temperature of the atmosphere and hydrosphere is a clear warning about the dangers of the future. We need to understand the situation before things get out of hands.