Students are always confused after graduating. Whether they should go for an MBA or a job. Both the decisions have their own benefits depending upon the willingness of the students. While choosing to do an MBA everybody wishes to be in a reputed B-school and why not, it can be a turning point of their lives. Every student’s careers are dependent upon choosing the right MBA College. There are plenty of MBA colleges in India and every college claims to be the best. This leads to confusion ‘which college to go for?’ Many of the students target the best college in the county and start with early preparation. Most students aim for the top colleges like IIMs because they offer innovative courses taught by world-class faculties. In the present scenario, there is a boom in the number of MBA colleges and options don’t end on IIIMs. There are several other colleges that provide innovative courses just like IIMs.

However, before setting your eyes on a particular institute just because your friend is going to be there. Or the college has billionaire class alumni is unfair. You need to look around for some key points before getting into a particular college’s admission line. Here are some pointers to keep in mind before selecting the right MBA schools in India.

Courses offered: While going through the details of the B-school, check for the courses they offer and do these courses interest you. If you are looking to pursue an MBA in marketing and that specific college you chose doesn’t offer the course of your interest then, it will be irrelevant to go for that college. In fact, if you should be clear what specialization you want as a career, make a list of such colleges that offer such specialization. This will save a lot of time and help you focus on the selection of the relevant college.

Academic Strength: A college’s academic strength is measured by how its faculties are performing. Before selecting a college, look for its faculty’s expertise and knowledge. It is so because; you are going to spend the next two crucial years of your life training under that faculty, gearing up for your future. The college faculty is not just to teach they should always take best out of the students and work on improving it. While shortlisting the colleges take some time out to research on the college faculties’ educational and professional background. Faculty profile, research, and innovation measures as the industry values a strong foundation in academics. MBA is not just a ‘skills course’!

Corporate Interface: Along with attending lectures and acquiring all the theory, practical knowledge also plays a crucial role in growing in an MBA course. Look for the B-schools that also focus on giving a practical environment to learn. The collaboration with the corporate interface gives an actual taste corporate world out there. It frames a picture for the students on how their future might look like. This gives confidence and positive outlook to the students about the corporate world. It’s about simulated experiences, schools need to participate in corporate competitions and have a corporate presence on campus with lectures and seminars.

Placement History: The main aim of the students while enrolling themselves into an MBA college is to get placed at a renowned firm with a good package. Every college has a placement section on their website showcasing how many companies offer placement in their college. Make sure to check out the college website to get a clear idea of how relevant these companies are for you. It is basically an investment you are making which should give a satisfactory return as well, so make sure to look for the placement history. 

This needs to show a clear growth trajectory (especially in placement packages). A good indicator would also be the lowest average salaries of last 100 students as well as the profiles and sectors offered. But be mindful there is no such thing as 100% placement in any college. Colleges use such approaches to allure more students to get enrolled in their institutes. Before taking any final decision, make sure to keep in mind some crucial factors like what is the placement percentage, average salary, recruitment sector, etc. of the college. The best way to know the accurate placement data is to contact college alumni. They are the best source to get any information regarding the placements.    

Course Fee: Indian B-schools fee can burn a big hole in your pocket. It is, of course, the most important factor to select a college but it certainly should not be the only one. A reputed college with an extensive curriculum, modern infrastructure, and placement assurance will have a high fee structure because it provides facilities that other colleges may not provide. On the other hand, if you find a college that provides all the facilitates you are looking for then do not give it a second thought. Today, educational loans are easily available and you can apply for the same.

Infrastructure: The requirement of having a good college infrastructure has grown over the years. A healthy learning environment enables students to concentrate more on relevant tasks. Do not confuse good infrastructure with good looking college buildings. A good college infrastructure has a well-equipped classroom, hygienic cafeteria, library with relevant and new books, students’ accommodation, laboratories, sports facilitates, Wi-Fi facilities, etc. Many of the colleges are adopting infrastructure that includes smart classrooms. A college is a place where spend most of the time and give a shape to your career. Having a good infrastructure with the latest technology gives you the opportunity to implement all your learning practically and that eventually helps you in getting future-ready. You should eye over the college that is equipped with all the latest technologies and modern infrastructure services.