A Boeing 720 landed and parked in Nagpur Airport 24 years ago and hasn’t taken off ever since. The story of the abandoned decrepit Boeing 720 is such that it would make for a fascinating Netflix or Amazon Prime Video show. It has all the ingredients for a gripping series, a riveting ‘one-thing-led-to-another’ angle, a montage of a man repairing a Boeing 720 singlehandedly and flying it to India, and a son who blames his father for all the mess.

The Facts of the Matter

Unwelcomed guests are looked with a frown face for a reason, they occupy space for a significant amount of time, and never leave till the bitter end. Nagpur airport may not be the fanciest of airports, but it’s popular for its own unwelcomed guest – a Boeing 720, that’s been sitting idly with no one to take responsibility for it. The plane landed back in 1991 and has been only moved away so that other planes don’t suffer hassle.

A man called Chris Coy brew a storm on Twitter after he claimed the whole fault is no one else but his own father’s.

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“It Was My Dad’s Fault”: The Fascinating Story Begins

“I just found out that

  1. For 24 years every pilot who landed at the airport in Nagpur, India had to be warned about the Boeing 720 sitting next to the runway.
  2. That it was my dad’s fault.

This is the story of my dad’s junkyard jet,” read the tweet of Chris, making up perhaps the most fascinating start of an equally fascinating story.

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Airplane Mechanic Asked to Fix Boeing 720

In the series of tweets, Chris explained that his father was an airplane mechanic at the Brown Field Municipal airport. Chris shared that his father was approached by a man called Sam Veder to fix an airplane. His dad accepts the project and starts working on his own on the same.

“A normal dad might have an old muscle car he tinkers with on the weekend, but -my- dad had a Being 720. For the next year, when he wasn’t working on the plane he was pestering Boeing engineers for advice and picking through aircraft boneyards for parts,” wrote Chris.

Chris’s Father Takes Plane to India, Emergency Strikes

Now here’s where things getting even more interesting. Initially, Chris’ father was told that he was wasting his time on the airplane. However, persistence and efforts prevailed, and the man singlehandedly repaired the airplane.

Taking the things further up a notch, Chris’s father decided to take the airplane to a test flight – ALL THE WAY TO INDIA. This is a fascinating aspiration to say the least. A scrapped plane that was sitting for years was worked on by an engineer and soon, he was willing to go half-way across the world to test the plane.

Against all odds, the plane did fly. However, all did not go well and the flight had to land to Nagpur after an emergency struck it. “Granted, the plane DID make it to India, but they encountered engine problems on the maiden flight from Delhi and had to do an emergency landing at Nagpur airport, where it would live for the following 24 years,” Chris’s tweet read.

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“Like a Landlord Locked a Tenant Inside”

For the initial phase, the plane was standing right on an active runway. However, after some time it was quickly moved only 300 meters away from the runway. Meanwhile, airport authorities found out that Sam Veder, who had initially wanted the airplane to be fixed, was not financially well off. “Sam said he had a plan to at least move the plane immediately, but the airport wouldn’t give him access to the plane, so they’re like a landlord that locked a tenant inside,” Chris explained the predicament.

“There’s No Moral Here”: Plane Moved Away but Still at Nagpur Airport

Years pass away, the plane remained stuck at the airport. Back in 2011, the Indian government asked the airport officials to move the plane or otherwise they would take away the airport’s license. The airport officials moved the plane just a little farther away.

Four years later, Nagpur’s new airport director took the matter in his own hands. He ordered to have the plane’s tire changed and soon, got ride of it in just half an hour.

“There’s no moral here. hail lord Balaji,” concluded Chris in his amazing series of tweets.