The craze of getting a unique, innovative and expensive photo and video shoot is growing largely amongst the youngsters. People are adopting new ideas, techniques and innovations to make their portfolios look better & different than others.

May it be the occasion of a wedding, a pre or post-wedding shoot, a baby shoot, a Maternity shoot or a simple portfolio shoot. People are paying a hefty sum of money to photographers and videographers for fulfilling their dream of looking like a cinematic star in real life.

However, this craze of becoming a superstar through photos and videos landed a policeman in trouble. A police officer who got his prewedding photo and video shoot was done in which the bride can be seen putting some money in his pocket as a bribe while he is well dressed in his on-duty uniform. As soon as the video got viral on social media the police officer’s seniors got upset with his act and he received a summons from his senior executives in this regard.

Video Description

SI Dhanpat Singh currently posted as Kotra SHO, the groom can bee seen with Kiran her bride-to-be in the pre-wedding video. In the video, SI Dhanpat Singh is seen stopping Kiran as a part of regular traffic control. Kiran is not wearing a helmet. She stops and the two have a conversation and Kiran puts some money in Dhanpat’s upper pocket and leaves. After a while, Dhanpat realises that the girl has taken away his wallet. He follows the girl and meets her again to take it back. As a result of the story, the two falling in love with each other while a Bollywood song place in the background.

Impact of the Video

Looking at the video it can be seen that it simply depicts a negative image of the police officers and department. At one end, it promotes corruption and bribery and on the other hand, a police officer is seen falling in love with a thief, both of which are non-moralistic and incorrect.

As soon as the video went viral, the SHO of Mandaphiya, Chittorgarh complained about it to the IG (Law and Order) Hawa Singh Ghumaria. As a result, Ghumaria sent a letter to the IGs of all range, banning the shooting of any such video while wearing the Khaki Vardi (Uniform). The letter stated that any such video creation depicts a negative image of the police department and hence should not be enacted or allowed at all.

Statements of the Officials

Superintendent of Police, Udaipur, Kailash Chandra Bishnoi said that the clip will be examined and Dhanpat Singh will be allowed to explain his actions in the scene before any disciplinary action is initiated against him. He further said that the Khaki uniform depicts the pride and dignity of our nation & the department. Anything which throws a bad light on that image will not be tolerated.

While commenting upon the situation, ML Lather, DG (Law and Order), said that it was unethical of the sub-inspector to shoot such a video in police uniform. An officer is bound by some rules to use his police uniform and the officer’s conduct has created a bad image of the police. Apart from bribery, theft and other sequences, the video also shows SI flirting with a girl. This is also not taken well by the senior officers.

“He is a uniform officer under oath to preserve the values of honesty, morality and services. The video did not reflect that,” said a senior officer.

Similar Incidents

These are not the only instances of the police officers which has brought shame to the department. In the past month, a video of a young IPS officer came up where he can be seen dancing to the Bollywood songs during a farewell organised to celebrate his transfer. The video had gone viral and received millions of views on the internet. Apart from this, a few days back, a video surfaced in which two women police officers can be seen making a Tik-Tok video in the police station while wearing a proper uniform during their on-duty hours.

The work of the police is to render services to the nation with honesty and morality while maintaining the discipline in society. Although it is considerate and arguable that they are also a human being and they also have a life. However, performing search x during their duty hours and while wearing the uniform will render a negative image of the police department to the general public.

Although the craze of Tik-Tok, Instagram, Facebook and other social media handles have escalated in recent years every professional need to understand to keep the professional and personal life on a separate scale. Besides being part of a Government department and holding a designation makes you an icon for the others. Your acts are perceived as idealistic and people need to understand this.