Social media is not only limited to friends and families, but it has also grown to become a great marketing ground for businesses and people to market their product, services and skills. People of all kinds are using social media platforms to showcase their work in the field of art, dance, photography, videography, and what not. All the social media websites are filled with people who are are either selling a product, their services or their skills online.

Although some people still find the conventional and traditional methods of posting their content on social media as much fruitful than others. However, some dedicated people are still trying to get a little limelight in the crowd by trying to do something new and innovative. But when you will visit the Instagram profile of this girl, you will get to learn a new definition of what is called creativity.

Most of the people still use LinkedIn or other online job portals to get a good-paying job or an employer, this 20-year-old girl Ankita Chawla has tried to make the best out of her Instagramming skills. She designed her resume and posted it on her Instagram profile in order to get all the opportunities and attractions possible from the companies just by using social media. You can visit her Instagram resume profile here.

On being asked, why she adopted this technique, she said that she is 20 and all her friends have got a good-paying job, while she is still unemployed even after having the requisite skill set. This triggered her to find a job and her creative mind hit her hard. She then sat on to think about a creative idea and once she was done thinking, she designed a good resume spending 60 hours on her computer.

And indeed her idea for so attractive and catchy that it did not take her much time to get a job. She got her first job in Deloitte India, which is one of the biggest finance companies in India. She got appointed as Visual Content Creator.

When she was asked that if she was scared of not being able to impress the right people. She said “I was a little sceptical at first because it wasn’t a traditional format that an employer is used to see. I knew my resume was a misfit amongst the other resumes that were going out and I knew that brought with itself a chance for failure and criticism but I eventually embraced it.”

Although now her Instagram profile is highlighted with the words “Now Hired”.