This Indian guy is working on a project to make India’s first electric motorsports bike. He was a former employee at Tesla, the company which is responsible for introducing many countries around the world with the e-vehicle technology.

The electric vehicle revolution is growing around the world and India automobile market is not untouched by the same. Recently many automobile companies have announced their first electric vehicles in the Indian market. This includes cars, scooters, motorcycles, etc.

Founder’s Vision
Mohanraj Ramasamy is focused on enduring the nation with its first e-motor sports bike. Mohanraj was formerly an employee at Tesla, the company which is the global leader in e-vehicle technology and industry.

He left his job with his aim of creating an electronic sports bike and started his own start-up business by the name of Srivaru Motors. The firm is based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

As revealed by the company, it is aimed at developing a motorbike which works on an electronic engine based technology and has a power equivalent to that of a 300CC petrol engine. The prospective vehicle is named as “Prana”. The company has already got the trademark registered in its name and various specification and performance figures have also been revealed.

Bike’s Specifications
As is claimed by the company. the bike is expected to have a top speed of 100 Km per hour. The top variant is expected to have a range of up to 250 km. It will have a peak torque of 35 Nm. The weight of the bike will be around 160 Kgs and will have a pickup rate of reaching 0 to 60 Kmph speed in less than 4 seconds.

Apart from this, the bike will be available in 3 variants viz Class, Grand and Elite. All of the models will have 4 different riding modes including a reverse riding mode. The vehicles range will vary from 126 Km to 250 Km.

As explained by the founder and owner Mr Mohanraj, the bike will be equipped with a software program, which will detect the small issues and errors in the bike’s system and correct them automatically. It is being called the “Self-healing” feature.

Future of Srivaru
The company has set-up the production of the vehicle in Coimbatore only. They target to produce around 30,000 bikes of the Prana bike annually. Further, Srivaru Motors has a vision of expanding this production from 30,000 units to 2,00,000 units within 18 months. This will be done by outsourcing the production of the vehicle, once the bikes start to sell in the market.

Besides the production of the vehicle, the company is aimed at setting up around 25 outlets (Primarily in South India)of Srivaru Motors from where they will begin the sale of their current and upcoming vehicles. They have also bagged some good funding from entrepreneurs and investors in this regard.

Vehicle Pricing
The final price of the vehicle has not yet been revealed but the company claims to price their product at the lowest price in the 300cc vehicle segment. If it happens, then it will yield a lot of competitive advantages to the company.

Well, we hope that Mohanraj is successful in his vision of giving Indian with India’s first electric sports motorbike.