Bing is the search engine owned by Microsoft. It is Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Google search Engine. However, it is not the best competitor of Google. Bling was launched in 2009 by the then Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer. It was the renovated version of Microsoft’s former search engine, MSN Search which was also shut down as a result of the inability to match global search engine fight.

As of October 2018, Bing was the third largest search engine globally.  It had a query volume of 4.58% as compared to Google (77%) and Baidu(14.45%) standing on 1st & 2nd position respectively. Bing bags a revenue of $7.5 Billion every year just from the advertisement. The main source of its income is the companies that pay it to get their links primarily listed on top in search results when a query is asked on the search engine.

Google Vs Bing
Comparing the revenue of Bing to Google, the revenue of $7.5 Billion is very low to that of $36 billion a year, made by google from its search engine alone. It is because Google is the most used search engine across the globe. Hence it is a reasonable difference between the revenue of the two. However, if we talk about Microsoft, Bing itself is making more money alone than any other venture of Microsoft like Surface Tablets, LinkedIn etc. Bing’s revenue is, in fact, three times higher than that of Twitter.

In spite of Google’s hyperactive visitor’s, Bing has managed to bag a few of visitors majorly from the US(42%). It has a visiting audience of 1.36 billion per month.  Bing’s relative anonymity has yielded its much profits as well. While Google & Yahoo are banned in China, Bing is still accessible to Chinese people bringing around 11% of the total of its visitors from China.

Bing’s Competitive Strategy
Even though Google leads the search engine market making it seem impossible to stand anywhere near in revenue as well as in no. of visitors, Bing has adopted some good business strategies. Unlike Google, which only yields information to the user, Bing helps the users in decision making. When Bing was launched by Microsoft in 2009, the then marketing personals referred toa Bing as a “Decision Engine” more than a search engine. Image & Video search options of Bing are much better than Google. Also, every Microsoft sold computer/laptop comes with a pre-installed bing search, making it easy for user’s to access it. 

The growth of any search engine entirely depends on user preference. However, it is indeed praiseworthy that Bing has managed to market itself enough to have earned such a great revenue in a market-led by Google.

Well, now we know how Bing is able to surpass the expectations of its stakeholders.