Apple has at long last declared the much-supposed AirPods Pro. They are evaluated at $249 in the US and are now available for purchase from Wednesday, October 30 onwards.

The AirPods Pro isn’t a substitution for the standard AirPods as the name proposes, rather it is a better and a premium variant of the same. The main feature includes here are active noise cancellation. It is also a water-resistant design and a couple of other unique and fascinating features.

The company had been teasing the active noise cancellation feature since a long while.

The Airpods pro has been re-designed & improvised over the former Airpods to feature an in-ear design, thus making them the only second pair of Apple earphones to feature an in-ear design, apart from the now-defunct and aptly named Apple In-Ear Headphones.

Apart from this, the AirPods Pro is the only apple earphones which comes with three sets of silicone ear tips in three different sizes viz small, medium and large. These tips click into place and provide passive noise isolation even before the electronics kick into place. Developers have introduced a vent system which is used to equalize the pressure so the wearer doesn’t feel any discomfort, especially when they aren’t used to in-ear earphones.

The Noise Cancellation Technology

With the introduction of the noise cancellation feature, Apple has taken the earphone game to the next level. The feature uses two microphones built around the pods, one on the inside and one on the outside.

The external microphone observes the ambient noise around and then creates an inverse audio signal that cancels out the noise. The internal one, on the other hand, monitors the in-ear sounds and automatically adjusts the noise cancellation for each ear based on the amount of noise seeping in.

Transparency Feature

While creating the best noise cancellation earphones, the developers knew that not every external sound is a noise, but some are necessary to be heard. This is why they added another feature called ‘Transparency’. This feature somehow basically mixes the ambient sound in with the audio so you can hear things like the traffic around you when you’re out for a run or announcements at the airport. User has the option to toggle between the Noise Cancellation mode and the Transparency mode.

Water & Sweat Resistant

Apple knows you like to wear your earpods during the morning jog, or while doing the routine workout in the gym and sometimes even during those long walks in the rainy weather. They got it covered for you. The Apple Airpods Pro design includes an IPX4 water and sweat resistant feature. This means that even if your ears are sweating or are wet, your earphones will still be waterproof and the ear clips will hold them in place while you enjoy the uninterrupted apple music.

However, these can’t exactly be used in the pool or during a dive. Also, you should remember that only the earphones are water-resistant and not the case.

 Squeeze to Operate. 

The stalks of the earphones are now also pressure sensitive. This allows users to squeeze them to invoke various functions. You can press and hold to toggle between active noise cancellation and Transparency mode, press once to play/pause, twice to skip tracks, and thrice to skip back.

Further, the primary purpose of an earphone, the audio front is concerned, the AirPods Pro uses a new custom high-excursion audio driver with a new custom high dynamic range amplifier. The internal microphone constantly monitors the audio adjusts the audio inputs and anti-noise to render the best audio quality. All of this is, regardless of the shape of your ear and the noise around you.


The new AirPods Pro is as smart as the standard ones. As soon as you open the lid of the airpod pro case near an iOS device, the two devices are smart enough to show up for easy pairing. Also just like the former airpods, this one pauses & play the music when pulled out of and re-inserted in the ears.

Apart from this, the new cool feature in the pro version is that the device suggests you whether the ear-tips you are using are the fit ones or not, using a synchronization between the two microphones. Thus, rendering you a better adjustment and seal from the noise. Also, the Audio Sharing feature has been inherited from the former airpods where you can have two sets of AirPods Pro connected to the same iOS or iPadOS device and listening to the same content.


In spite of being slightly smaller and compact in design than the former ones, AirPods Pro is similar to that of the AirPods in case of battery life. A 4.5 hours of uninterrupted music listening time with noise cancelling turned on and 5 hours while it is turned off. Further, you also get 3.5 hours of talk time with noise cancelling on. The case provides additional charges and takes the battery life to a total of 24 hours of listening time and 18 hours of talk time. The case supports fast charging which can provide up to one hour of music or calls just after just 5 minutes of charging.

The Case

Not only the airpods but the case has been redesigned as well. The main feature here is now that wireless charging is built-in and you don’t need to buy an optional case for it. The case supports wireless charging with any Qi-enabled wireless charger, just like the iPhone. And just like always, you always have the option to charge it with a Lightning cable.


From midnight of Wednesday, 30th October, the AirPods Pro will be available across 25 countries, including the US at $249. Also, the standard AirPods are still available and can be purchased for $159 or $199 with the Wireless Charging Case. The wireless charging case is also sold separately for $99.

You can visit the official website to know everything about the product:

Apple Airpods Pro