The world’s most populated country China does a lot of things. They have nuclear technology, a big army, biggest phone industries in the world, innovative people, a rich culture, and in fact a huge chunk of champion players who have won medals for china. However, China is never seen playing a cricket match. Well, at least at the international level. Have you ever given it a thought?

Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world. Even after the 2nd largest country of Asia choose to stay out of the gameplay even though all of its neighbouring countries are involved in cricket way too deeply.

Well, we have gathered the information available in this regard and have narrowed down following main reasons as to why China does not play cricket.

China has always concentrated more on the international Olympics game. Chinese people always have been more encouraged to play in the Olympics than in cricket games. And evidently, Chinese has been able to bag 237 Gold medals, 195 Silver medals & 176 Bronze medals. And it seems that unlike India, instead of focusing on single-game like cricket, China may want to continue its image of being an all-rounder Olympic country. 

All most all the countries that either play cricket or are fond of cricket were either colonized by Britishers in past or are related to it in some manner. Biggest examples include India, Pakistan & Bangladesh whose history never even heard of cricket until Britisher arrived. China, on the other hand, has never been colonized by Britishers which gives us another reason as to why cricket is not so popular among.

Apart from the Olympics, China has several other games which dominate the sportsmanship in the country. Besides Basketball & Football being one of the most popular games among the Chinese, there are several other local games which are preferably played by china. Further, Badminton & table tennis is considered as the best games in China because of their own benefits. This becomes another reason that the Chinese never even thought of even switching to or trying on a game of cricket. Just like we Indians don’t feel any need to be attentive to any game other than cricket & football.

Cricket may be the most popular game amongst countries like India, Pakistan & England. However, it is not that favourite game when you look at the bigger picture at a global level. Yes, Cricket is not even included in the list of Global Games. Except for a few countries, cricket is not that big a sensation. Maybe that’s why Chinese people did not feel the need to even get interested in giving the game a try.

Well, now we are aware as to why there has been no Chinese team on the international cricket grounds. However, there is a Chinese national cricket team which plays small tournaments with other cricket teams. The Chinese Cricket Association became a member of ICC in 2004 but has not yet played in large scale matched like Asia Cup, Champions Trophy or World Cups. They have become an associate member of the ICC in 2017.

However, wouldn’t it be amazing if the famous neighbouring trio countries will be playing cricket facing one another in the ground. India- Pakistan- China. That would have been amazing. We could not even imagine the TRPs of India vs China match. But that doesn’t seem to happen in near future.