Social media initially started as an interactive platform, which has now grown to become a market place where you can sell products, promote services, advertise your brands and even hire human resource. Biggest marketing minds of the world have recognised social media as a marketing ground and has developed all kinds of tool to market their products including pop up ads, personalised websites and many more. However, innovation always has a seat reserved when it comes to bringing up new ideas for marketing.

However, marketing strategies attained new heights when KFC, the world-famous food chain started following only 11 people on twitter. Yes, KFC follows only 11 people on twitter. Well, it’s not that big a deal if you think about other brands and celebrities as well. A million followers in comparison to only a handful followings is a story of every big verified account. However, this is not the case with KFC.

The 11 people KFC follows on twitter are not just people. They are names. It was first noticed by this guy in 2017.

Yes, out of the 11 accounts that KFC’s handle follows on twitter, 5 belongs to 5 Spice Girls and 6 belongs to 6 guys named herbs. The reason behind is that it refers to the name of those 11 spices & herbs that KFC used in its secret recipe. The recipe that has made KFC’s chicken a world-famous brand.

The tweet got viral soon and people praised this guy’s skill of noticing such minute detail.

Bravo to this guy’s unique marketing strategy. However, the guy who recognised his work creativity also deserves an appreciation.

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