Electrification of the transport system is a single solution to many problems including pollution, global warming and depleting fossil fuel resources. The Indian government and Indian people are getting more and more aware every day with the usefulness of Electric Vehicle technologies to fight pollution and save resources. 

As recently been reported, Odisha is about to become one of the first states in the country to have successfully executed an electric public transport system. The Odisha government is looking forward to fleet up their public transport system by replacing petrol and diesel-powered vehicles with electricity-based vehicles and mainly buses. This, as being said, is the government’s first step towards bringing down the level of harmful emissions to prevent pollution and global warming.

Official Statement
The minister of Science & Technology of Odisha state had recently told the assembly that the state government is planning to put electric vehicles on road. The government aims to start the electrification of the state’s public transport system by starting with the religious temple city of Puri, followed by Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, the twin cities of the state. 

He said “We are planning to phase out the conventional transport system which was based on fossil fuels, by replacing them with the electric buses. These new buses will operate within 100 km radius covering the cities of Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Puri in Odisha.”

Implementation Process
To make this idea functional, the state government will soon be signing a memorandum of understanding. If we look at the general methodology of bringing electric vehicle transport system into operation, the concerned government asks people to bid for the contract, wherein the best bid will be endowed with the responsibility of handling vehicle’s operational & maintenance expenses, charging infrastructure as well as the maintenance of the staff.

The appointed authority will have the option to charge the expenses to the government on per km basis. This is one of the various factors that will be considered in choosing the best bid, apart from the quality of operation & maintenance, number of staff, etc. 

Bengaluru’s E-transport system
However, Odisha is not the first place in the country to execute electric transport system. The silicon city of India, Bengaluru has also announced a similar plan. Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has also started running its public transport system on electric vehicles (Buses and E-Rickshaws). They are aiming to convert the whole fleet of their public transport buses from diesel-based to e-vehicles. This will involve a total number of 1500 electric buses. In the first stage, 500 E-buses will be brought up of which 100 will be equipped with air-conditioning facilities.