UFO & conspiracy theory enthusiasts from around the world, gathered around from all over the world in the USA tonight to storm and raid into Area-51 and find shreds of evidence for UFO(Unidentified Flying Objects) & Alien life existence on earth.

Area 51 is a remote area of land in Nevada which, as US government quotes it, is a “Secret Military Base”. However, many enthusiasts including conspiracy theorists, Alien Hunters, Youtubers and many other people from around the world have theories about the existence of Alien life inside the area. They believe that the area is kept isolated from the general public because the US government is in contact with Alien life or has proof of Alien life and they are keeping it secret in Area-51.

Area-51 has been the centre of attention for many years. People have made videos suggesting their theories about conspiracies related to alien life, secret nuclear plants and many other things. You can find videos on youtube, blogs and articles on the internet which talk about it. Many, YouTubers, bloggers & vloggers have attempted to enter the area secretly. However, as soon as they cross even a 2 km range, the Area-51 guards come and stop them and escort the invaders outside the area. Generally called ‘Cammo-Dudes’, these Area-51 guards continuously patrol the area and never allow anyone to enter beyond a limit of 2 to 2.5 km within the area.

However, these enthusiasts could not be stopped. Recently, an event was created on Facebook two weekend festivities the Alienstock music festival in Rachel, and the “Storm Area 51 Basecamp” at a gift shop dubbed the Alien Research Center in Hiko. The event invited people from all over the world to come and perform a mass raid on the area. The event is to take place on Friday night, 20th September. 

These are a series of recent tweets from ground Zero by one of the event participants.


There have been people storming the area Since midnight (USA). And have been trying to enter the area.

However, there has been a lot of security around the area already because the news spread wide and the government had to secure their grounds.

However, another thing that worries the residents is that the attendees are not well aware of the harsh weather of the area and will be underprepared. Nevada is a desert area. There is a serious scarcity of water in the area. Apart from this, people will not even be prepared for the cold nights of Nevada. 

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